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Thanks Havan Somaiya @Hvncool for suggesting this. I request all seniors to please fill this form. Also, do suggest if I missed any relevant point.




posted May 19, 2017 in Others by Veteran (352,237 points)
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You are absolutely right Arjun sir. And if the college is good it's worth taking but yes we are not getting genuine and authentic reviews of bits pilani. Everyone has something different to say which has no authenticity
Thanx a lot Arjun sir. These statistics have provided a better insight and have cleared many of my doubts. Thanku so much. I think it'd worth joining bits pilani.
Arjun sir, which is better IIIT Delhi or bits pilani?  Which one should be preferred?
i have done mtech from IIIT Delhi and found academics, environment to be very good. placements also were very good. and if you want to lean towards research then also it is great.

you have not mentioned what are your expectations from mtech, as the answer can vary much depending upon it.

brand - bitspilani>iiitdelhi

placemnents for mtech - bitspilani=iiitdelhi

research oppurtunities - iiitdelhi>bitspilani

Feel free to disagree with appropriate arguments.
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