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5,948 views of you would have received an email for GO classroom and others would be getting it soon. Those who are not giving GATE 2018 can ignore it and those who are giving may login and enrol to the given courses. You will be getting assignments -- mostly programming -- tailor-made for GATE preparation. Almost all programming assignments will be in C and will be teaching you some GATE topic. This is the major component of our Mission90+ plan for GATE2018. These assignments will be taking time and so only serious people need to come there.

Assignments are planned for Algorithms, Programming & DS, CO & A, Operating Systems and may be even for DBMS and Compilers. Other subjects are not confirmed. 

For enrolling, you can go to Site Home and then the available courses. 

However the assignments look; they are strictly meant for GATE CSE. If you do not believe me- then you can skip them. Also, if someone has already done those questions and feels them as useless; they can skip. But those who do the assignments with effort will surely get benefit in GATE and future"

Also please enrol for this course for getting updates from GO admins. You will get notified whenever GO book or GATECSE book is released. We never spam your mailbox or sell your email ids and you hardly will get 10 mails a year -- can also unrol from the course anytime. 

If you have not received mail for GO classroom, please comment below. I need your GO username to check the status. Everyone with gmail should have got the mail in Inbox. Those with hotmail might have received in Junk/Spam. Yahoo mail ids -- might not have received yet. Also, some email ids have issues on GO, so then need correction -- please add a comment below. 

Thanks to Moodle team, we already have a mobile app for GO classroom for both Android and iOS. You can download here and give site url as


posted May 21, 2017 in From GO Admins by Veteran (346,171 points)
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Very nice initiative and highly required.I would also request to make a form of topics which causes confusion and then get a vote against those topics and share some good video lectures to understand those things which receives higher votes.Just a suggestion:)
Sir, how to get email?
How to join it, sir. Not received any email.
how to register in it??
All of you would have got an email by now. Yahoo email ids might take a bit longer.
Sir, I haven't received the email yet.
@air1 The status for your mail is sent to your hotmail account and it showed

Queued mail for delivery

Maybe you can see Spam folder.
Just to confirm, there aren't any courses on it till now, right?
Algorithm is already there with an assignment. You need to go to site home and can see it. COA is also there.
Not able to view COA.
Same here for COA, how can i enroll?
@Arjun sir I just checked my inbox and spam mail, I have not received the mail. Can you please send it again?
Is your GO email correct? You can try to do Forget password then.
CO&A Enroll option is now open. You can find in Site Home now.
@ arjun sir, i also havent received mail yet...i have tried to resend mail by forgetting password but it also didn't work..

"conversation with[] timed out while receiving the initial server greeting"

Probably you can try using a gmail account in GO and try password change after an hour or so in moodle.
Finally, it went I guess.
@Arjun Sir, thankyou, I have received it...
i got mail .but it is saying use rid or password wrong.

but i typed correctly only.
@Yahaswini That shouldnt happen -- you can try copy paste or even forget password to get a new password.
Sir, i didn't receive. My registered mail is [email protected]  I have checked junk too. Plz resend if possible. However i had submitted it in Google classroom using mail [email protected]
I have messaged you the password. But if email is not working better use gmail.
Got it n logged in thanks
Everything is blank every topic
sir I didn't get a email .My email id [email protected]
Got it sir ..It was in spam ,I don't know the reason why it landed there . Thanks a lot sir
I can't login to the Moodle application with my username and password. Even when website is accessible and usable.
sir I didn't get a email .My email id [email protected]
i did not get GO classroom link ,plz tell me what is GO book?
Sir please send me the mail to Join GO Classroom.

my id : [email protected]
Have you checked spam folder? Also, can you try forgot password (with GO username) in case it is not there?
yes I chked in spam but did not find
Yup I got access. Thank you Arjun Sir.

Also Sir I need to change my username from roshan8p to roshan8cs because my account is associated with [email protected] Is it possible ???

No I cannot access anything. It is asking me to update the profile but I cant. Its giving an error.


Whenever I click on something it takes my to the user account page and ask me to update the Name surname and email ID. and then this happens

Did you change your username?
Any help would be appreciated.
@Sudeep Have you got email with password for GO classroom?
@Arjun Yes, but can't login on the Moodle Application with the same. As far as website is concerned, it is completely​accessible with the credentials.
No Sir I have not changed my username. Its still old roshan8p. Please help. I'm getting late....
@sudeep As told in the blog, the password for the GO classroom is different from that on GO -- only the username is same. So, you should receive an email for the new password just for GO classroom. If not you can try forgot password on

@Roshan Your email id is not coming there automatically?
@Roshan Where is the username "roshan8p" coming from? Your GO username is showing as Roshan Pawar.
@Arjun I realize that there are different passwords, and was also referring to the GO classroom credentials when I said I can logon to the classroom on Chrome but not with the classroom credentials on the Moodle App.
oh :O That is really strange. You gave the site name as ?
Can you kindly look into the problem? Yes, the website is the same.
oh. There is no way I can debug the issue then. Moodle app is not under my control -- may be you can try changing your password. Only other possible issue could be a "space" in username. I'm not sure if others with space are having this issue.
Will every user get the mail regarding  GO ClassRoom?
Or its specified for few user.

@Arjun Sir the problem is not with the username, I got the mail on 21 May

Hi  ,

A new account has been created for you at 'GO Classroom'
and you have been issued with a new temporary password.

Your current login information is now:
   username: roshan8p
   password: Q6q#cwb7,7
             (you will have to change your password
              when you login for the first time)


I have changed my password. The problem is that I can login easily but when I click on any course. It directs me to the another page asking my name, surname etc. 

When I enter and hit save, it gives an error. Help please

@Ankith For every user.

@Roshan Your current username in GO is "Roshan Pawar" - probably you changed it some time ago and this should be the issue.
can I register for GO classroom with another ID ??
Yes, that would be the easiest. This login via GO account is just to ensure no spam and ease of user maintenance.
There was a server issue and I had to reset all accounts. Please enrol in the courses if you see unrolled. All new users would have got email. The site will be most active in next month.

GO PDF 2018 Volume 1 is now available. It includes Mathematics and Aptitude.

Arjun Sir, I had recieved username and password 1 month ago. Its not working as i saw email today for first time and tried to login. Please help me.
Unable to login with gateoverflow credentials.

Please help
[email protected] , how can i get user id and pswd sri please help me
[email protected] I want to enroll for GO classroom.

I didn't receive any emails, sir. I would like to enroll in for the courses. Here's my email address - [email protected]

I'm using the same email for Gate Overflow.

Sorry. There was a bug. You would have got the email now or else please do a Forget password on the login screen.
I received the password reset link now. Thanks a lot, sir. :)
@Arjun Sir,

Neither GO username nor Forgot password link works in my case.

Please provide access to GO Classroom.
@Mamta You got email?
@arjun sir :Earlier if we "mark read" on question ,then it leads to change of the color of the question which makes us easy to recognize the "already read question.

But this feature is not working .Is it a bug or you intetionally have removed that?sir it was very helpful.

can you please check ?
@Arjun Yes, Thanks!
@Sourav Where exactly is it not working?
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