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Please visit the TCS iON COAP portal. All admission offers will uploaded on it.


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well technically most the IITs have mentioned on their site to register on coap.

You apply to each IIT individually on their site and you also register on COAP, but rather than posting the results on their individual sites , COAP is being used as common platform.
Really great work. Hope the last ranks really go low this time.
@Arjun Sir, Why it should be like that?

Do people leave their seats after getting admission?
Yes, a lot. Till last to last year this was horrible. For example, my batch in IISc was 51 where 60 seats were there. Due to repeated complaints, most good IITs/IISc started many rounds and then the seat wastage propagated to other IITs like IITG last time. The fault is not entirely with the students -- as they cannot risk and must wait for the best opportunity. This centralized allotment is the best way. Last year ~320 was the last rank in general merit to get an old IIT seat. I hope this to go to about 340 or 350 this time.
Sir I think it might go beyond 350 also because of the stupid ranking system that IIT Roorke proposed for people with the same Gate Score.

Sir , would the rank create a hindrance ? Would people with better rank (but same Gate Score) be given preference over other ranks, like in my case the range of people having the same gate score are around 10 ~ 12 are given different ranks.
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