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Hello friends,

i am Uddipta Bhattacharjee ,one of GO's previous user just like you.And today i would like to share something regards GATE,GO,and IIT.After all we are all here because of this.But before sharing about my exp in GO ,i would like to give u a small account of mine so that you can get a picture about the painful journey.And then will talk about a relatively new Line for middle rankers of Gate.

I am a Btech CS passout of 2016 from a state Govt. Engineering college in West Bengal. I always was fascinated about Research and my family also carry this trend :D. So when i got a job in Wipro, i  just put it away and continued my preparation for Gate 16. Somehow though, i was lacking in concept and got a very poor marks. Okay but still i was very much in this line,never ever thought about joining that wipro.So in CCMT counseling i got NIT Rourkela. But after joining there i felt like suffocated ,the environment which i dreamt for research was missing. Everyone has one question  in NIT ,"What is the Package?" .. So i made a Tughlaki Decision of Leaving NIT Rkl after doing 2 days of class!!!!! And Bingo, The Pain Started.


So came back home from Rkl and and then started preparing for GATE .Ok but then comes the Relative, Neighbors and all surroundings in the Active Mode.Actually if i would have taken a decision of Dropping at an early stage ,then it won't have a problem.But i have made it after joining NIT and costed my parents almost 70K  . Even some of them told me "You don't care about your father's hard earned money?? " i was like .....But what made me motivated, a picture of IIT B and tremendous support by my parents.Then i realised what actually parents are made of.So boasted with this my preparation was going on 


At this time i became active in Gate overflow, and started to solve others doubt.And also i had tons of doubts some of them were silly some of them were hard.But i used to post them without even caring.Because i knew some people like ARJUN sir,Bikram Da, Habib Vai, Anusha, Debashish Deka,Kapil,Kishalay Das, Kunal,Mcjoshi,Praveen Saini ,Digvijay vai and many, who were always there to answer a question.Sorry ,here i should not say answer, they just made me understand every angle of a question and then i slowly started to realize that Go is not a portal it's a Family.But back to the point of prep..My prep was going on smoothly .

In December. through GATE 16 score , i got a call from IIT Madras MS, and IIT Hyderabad RA..Again all thanks to GO, Only Because of GO, i came to knew that IITs recruit in December also :D

So i went to madras and got rejected in written.Then i realized my Gaps in prep  and went to IIT Hyderabad as they shortlisted 15 for interview. I was asked 10 questions. and answered 9 of them straightway. But not selected as they only selected 1 people. i think that they minimized those who were preparing for gate 17 coz they may leave.. But it's my imagination..


After getting marks 70+ in GO mock  i went to the hall confidently ,if not over confidently .And started solving gate paper. Somehow set 1 was a little tricky and i was caught by the childhood problem of mine..Nervousness.I Panicked and after coming back to home i found bunch of silly mistakes by me.Bunch of. I was devastated and a massacre result was there waiting for me and it was over.

I could not digest the fact that i am unable to getting into IIT after wasting a year.I knew that concept is not a problem for me.So i started to apply like courses Geinformatics in IITB, IITK, Geomatics at IITR(thought but finally not applied), even Biomedical MS,Mtech at IITm ..Lol. And i got call from IITb and IITm .i.e geoinformatics n biomedical.

But in this time i gave a serious thought that , i want to get into research in IIT at the same time i love CS topics, .How can i be a successful one in Geodesy, Cell optimization etc?And then i found a course , which is not known by Many i.e MS in SYSTEM & IT @ IIT Madras

started researching about it,then i found this is a research course offered by Management Dept of IITm. I was like management?? I am not interested to be a manager!!I want to study CS topics rather than doing case studies. But then my myth busted after consulting with seniors and quora posts, It is 180 degree opposite to MBA it is a purely research course.And now i am giving some points about it.


DOMS gives MS in 6 specializations out of which System & IT is the most relevant for CS guys and Operations is the most for Mechanical guys. . Here Gate score is considered for HTRA category short listing. No explicit cutoff mentioned but i found people above 550+. Now the main part is 'Research Proposal' .You need to make a complete research proposal which is unique & Authentic and submit it. Then a Panel in your area will interview you on it and basic questions of CS. Then comes the final selection. I can say interview is stressed  and selection ratio is very low but they will judge your research ability and judging capability of question solving.I will share interview exp later.


You need to take courses in 1st year,and it will be decided by your guide depending on your area of research. You need to take some class in Math ,and some in CS dept. 


most unique thing is you will have 2 placement oppurtunities.You can seat for Departmental placement with MBAs and Institute Placement with other CS guys and all. That's it .No more info till now


In this area of research,IIT M is no 1 in INDIA .As it is a MS course so probably you will be eligible for applying to CS PhD also.Depending on subjects you credited/Audited during MS. We can auto upgrade to PhD also and CSE courses can be taken in number.


I had a passion of studying in Old IITs.Now CS is not gettable for me. And in this short span in GO ,i have understood that to do research ,you need to be in best places. On the other hand i was not ready to change topics and going into Geoinformatics,Biomedical etc. And i know what is CSE in NIT(except top 3)..obviousy. !So i thought that it is the best possible choice in this third grade rank.But beleive me i had no doubt in my Concept. and  somehow i failed in GATE but that was a dream interview i gave. :D


Now What GO has to do with this! Enormous help on what is research and etc from Arjun sir, Course guidance ,Mock tests by Bikram sir, People like others i mentioned ,is now my close friends in Facebook! And continious notes from Arjun sir, where he clearly stated the quality of Education and the Gap of it in Top IITs and all other institution has forced me to go in this line. And  i can assure ,that someday your GATE will be history ,but the Peer group of GO will have a place in your life.


P.S : For any query about system & IT you can ping me.Always happy to answer .My fb profile:



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Congrats :))
Could you please tell me whether IIT K and carries out admissions in December? Are all the courses available just like July admissions?

Thanks for your time.
In Winter admissions, only Research - MS and Ph.D. are available and it is the same for all Institutes.
@Uddipta Great to see that you got a nice place :) Unlike in other places in IITs and above the branch is important. We cannot do well in a course there unless we know the basics or has interest. So, continuing in CS is always better -- also has the advantage of good placement. Yu again proved that those who want good always get good. I hope others too learn from you and not just get desperate seeing their GATE result.
I visited IIT K website and it is written that M Tech admissions are usually done twice a year.

Don't how do they sync it with ongoing M Tech for placements etc.
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