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Thank you Sachin Mittal for making this wonderful video on how to make use of all GATE Overflow features. The below two videos describes the features of GO site and also GO PDF. 




posted Jun 1, 2017 in From GO Admins 5,807 views


sir when i am clicking on the top of the question, it is not opening in go site.
Then what happens when you click a question title?
sir nothing is happening. i think my adobe reader is not opening web links and i am unable to fix it.
Then you can try another PDF reader rt?
I am currently using ubuntu & firefox was my default browser. It was opening fine. I changed the default browser to chrome, I faced the same problem as you. The link did not open.
Solution is, open chrome first, minimize it. Then you can click on links, it will open.
videos are unavailable.
Updated now..
Mobile app is unnecessary. You can open GO on any browser and i didn't find any problem using it on mobile.

sir, can we have notes option for each question where we can write our approach to the question instead of commenting the same answer/explanation and which will be visible to the user for his reference.   

ignore if it is not useful to the majority of people.

It's nice one. Not that technically difficult too. But someone has to write code :)

Very sad to say that despite being a CS site no Indian had done any paid work for GO -- Pragy and Arindam are two who did the Rank predictor and Exam system -- and they both did for free.

So it is time consuming if I do all coding work myself. Issue is the pipeline get stuck and throughput affected. But no other way.