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 A science teacher was talking a biology class . she brought two silk worm cocoons and told the students to observe how the silk worm gradually emerges from cocoon . she went out of the class room  for some time. the students were keenly watching the emergence of the silk worms from cocoons. it is a very slow and laborious process for silk worm to come out of the two worms were labouring to come out .one of the student took pity on them and though the others tried to prevent him, he went on slowly snap the strings of cocoon .he thought that he was making it easy for the silkworm.

at that movement ,the teacher returned to the class room and when she came to know about what had happened ,she asked all the students to keep observe for some more time . oddly ,the silkworm which was helped by the student died,and another one ,which went trough a lot trouble to come out of the cocoon was moving about actively.

the teacher then explained  to students how slow and painful it is for silkworms to come out of the cocoon . it takes lot of time for them to adjust to the conditions outside. as they keep snapping the silk threads that hold them back,their body gains strength and energy. but  this process takes a very long time and evokes pity in onlookers. even then,we should allow them to use their own strength,and trying to help them woulld put their lives in danger .the teacher then cited darwin's theory "survival of the fittest " to say that only the capable can survival in this world and seeking sympathy from others will only weaken us and destroy our self image.

life is not about sympathy _seeking or self is all about possessing a tenacious mind set to achieve success. they can conquer who believe they can.let us recollect our childhood  days . when we  were learning how to walk ,we fell down many a times.but dint we get up and walk again ?

if we had not tried to getup ,all of us would be crawling to day. in many sport games , the sport person get injured several times.but it is their commitment and determination that makes them come back successfully and become a  Tendulkar ,a p.t usha,a saina or marykom .let us not seek pity from others. let us empower ourselves. learn to put in our best and take every disappointment as a challenge .there  is no elevator or elevator   to success. there are only steps. start climbing them and don't back. any man of achievement is highly respected because of this  moral courage and hard work.the future beckons you. go and enjoy it.

remember:Life is like a rose. every rose has a thorn:but aren't the roses sweet?

with greater pain............................... comes greater  pleasure


it is the one of my favorite moto.


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nice one... 

Darwin's theory "survival of the fittest " to say that only the capable can survive in this world and seeking sympathy from others will only weaken us and destroy our self image.

good one
A very true fact ..
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