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Hello folks, I've tried to download this pdf file from here and here  5 times but the download keeps on failing.

Please fix this issue!

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what error you got?
First Login to the GO Classroom and then again click the link in
The download getting failed every time! Also, it starts downloading at very slow speed at around 10 KBps and gradually it fails.
I did exactly the same, but it failed to download.

@Arjun see it's stuck there  and then eventually it fails.

No one else reported this and more than 100 people have downloaded already. It is 20 MB and it downloads in 2-3 seconds for me as I use a shared high-speed net here - so obviously not a server issue.

Well, I've tried it on Google chrome and as well as Jdownloader which is the best application to download and automate stuff and even in Jdownloader it shows as unknown/link offline link as it's unable to decrypt it.

P.S - I'm on a decent LTE connection!

I'm on decent 3G and my isp is BSNL!


Which Internet you are using? Can you try in chrome?
Well, I'll try using a VPN.
It requires login to work

Sir, I'm already logged in.

See it gets failed! Caption


You can check GO link is showing offline!

I don't think the URL will support download accelerators - simple browser download should work. Is anyone else facing this?

@Arjun Sir, I even tried using VPN. I logged in to

and then I tried simple built download manager of chrome and only 9.66 MB of pdf/file got downloaded and it stopped and pdf doesn't even open.

Point being - even on VPN and normal built in download of browser doesn't seems to work!

Why is no one else reporting any issue? I have no idea what is the issue which happens only to you.
May be your 3G is breaking the connection in between and the download stops. I'll see if there is a different way for upload.
Alright, Sir, will try some time later! Thanks for everything!

You can try this link

@ Arjun Sir , Is there a Vol2 of the GO book?
Obviously - for other subjects.
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