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In spite of repeated requests, many people here are posting coaching material questions (those from any question booklet or test series and not from top University Professors) -- most of which are either irrelevant or poorly formed. If you look below the site,  there are "23490" questions as of now and this includes more than 4000 previous year quality questions and answers which are self-sufficient and covers all topics of GATE. In addition to this, many of the coaching material questions are also answered here with corrections. We cannot let this happen as a cycle every year where someone opens a coaching material booklet and keeps on posting their questions. Such people usually never get a good rank also. So, from now, no such questions will be allowed here. Please post only

  1. Previous year questions -- GATE, ISRO, NET, ISI, CMI, TIFR are already here and if you find anything missing, please inform us in comments -- they will be added by admins. 
  2. Genuine self doubts
  3. Standard book queries
  4. Doubts after seeing standard video lectures/courses

This will help in retaining quality here and also helps in getting quality people to answer here and will guarantee a good rank for the GO users. 

Same rule applies to GO FB Group. For other questions you can post in after properly mentioning the source – posting copyrighted questions can get your account blocked.

PS: The not allowed questions include those C programming questions which are either compiler dependent or undefined behaviour. Also, no queries regarding coaching are allowed here and for that, you may see here

posted Jul 1, 2017 in From GO Admins
edited Jul 29, 2019 by


Much needed reform!

Well Done and Thank you!
What about questions from quality textbooks? such as Kenneth Rosen?
They are most welcome. This rule is actually to let aspirants focus on such quality questions.