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This year the cutoff score for IISC CDS CS  MTech research program was 650 for general category, so luckily I received an interview call from IISC.This was the only opportunity I had since I did not get a call for the interview of IIT Madras MS because of the BTech CGPA criteria.My interview date was 9th June and reporting time 9 O' clock in the morning.Before the interview, there was a written exam of 30 minutes which was an elimination round more precisely.There were 5 questions from Discreet Math and data Structure and Algorithm out of which 4 I did correctly.Questions were asked from Linked List, Permutation Combination, Graph Colouring, Bayes' Theorem etc.After the exam was over we were asked to wait in the waiting hall and the result was declared within 30 minutes.Around 50 percent of the total students could clear the test.After some time my turn came for the interview.I was first interviewed by the System Subject panel and then by the Data Analytics Panel.Actually, I opted for the Machine Learning Lab so prepared only the syllabus related to that lab which I told the Ist Panel, then they sent me to the other panel. In the Ist panel, they asked a few basic questions on OS which I answered, and then sent me to the other panel.This panel consisted of 3 teachers-one from Machine learning lab, one from Visual Computing Lab besides one from CDS CP department. The Ist question I was asked was to find the eign values of a given matrix.The given matrix was of special type(the sum of the elements of each row are same and similar for the columns).I answered.Then they asked me why we write det(A-λI)=0 when (A-λI)(X)=0 which I answered.For this, the concept of vector space and linear transformation was required. I would suggest Gilbert Strang lectures for this. Then they asked what the eign vectors are which I  answered.They were satisfied at this point :) .. Next they moved to the probability concept, asked me to prove Bayes theorem and then went into the classification problem of machine learning .I picked up an example of classification problem and then they asked me to implement Bayes' Theorem into it which I answered as best I could, mostly they were observing my approach and yes they were impressed in the end :) .. Then my interview ended, and I came out of the interview room with satisfaction.I was satisfied because I could give my best at the interview.That night the provisional list was published and my name was there in the list which made me and my parents extremely happy :) .. Then finally I received my offer mail on 27th June.
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whats the % criteria for RA in IIT bombay or MS in IIT Madras ?
Congratulations!! :)

On the IISc CDS website, it says programming questions are asked in the written test which the students can solve using C/C++/java.

Did they ask you to write code on a computer or in the answer paper itself?
what is your CGPA?
to whom your asking?
Are there direct admissions awarded on the basis of GATE score for any program at IISc?
Sorry, my mistake. For IITB RA the cut off for gen is still unknown to me, mostly I did not receive the call because of the gate score criteria. Hence, I have edited my post.

For IIT Madras MS it was 650 and 75% in BTech for GEN.
Congrats! Thank you very much.
Can you pls tell.your gate score.

And will there be any 2nd list that would shortlist students?