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Does anybody have idea about neilit scientist cutoff , difficulty level of question and any preparation tip of cse branch.

plz let me knw.

thanks in advance
posted Jul 5 in Others by Loyal (3,193 points) | 1,594 views


when will be the exam ?
22 july.
the application date is completed?

do you have any idea about this exam and also cutoff?
1. cut off is very low

2. it contains aptitude, reasoning, verbal and branch related questions. Mostly questions are memory based and some questions are very easy, some are moderate but not difficult.
k thank u

@pankaj_vir  :can you upload the previous year paper.


sorry, i don't have


Let me know how can I help you. I have prev year question paper. But how can I send it to u.


Cutoff: Paper will be very easy provided your basics are good. You can ping me for any doubt. Question paper consists of 60(Technical)+60(Aptitude). To be in safer side try to get 85-90marks as number of vacancies are less this year compared to last year.


Last year safe score was 80+.
requesting you to please upload papers on Media fire or any shared folder drive ... so that it will be in repository.

If in case ; unable to do then share me ([email protected]) i will do the needful...

Seeking your co-operation..
If anyone wants to share it you can upload it here using the link option or upload to google drive and share the link. Posting email address publicly is not good for CSE graduates.
Plzz @Suman fwd these papers ..


@all may help.... 

@suman08513  requesting you to do the needful ... if you have the papers ... :) 

plz forward paper on [email protected] if possible
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