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How do you people/toppers staying all day at home, self preparing,leaving out all your friends, social gatherings, get together and partying and all social media and entertainment (TV shows/movies) cope up with loneliness and live the solitary life, happily?

How do you manage when you see the whole world around you is busy partying, having fun with friends, going to malls, watching movies, cute couples, FB, Whatsapp, instagram and everything is buzzing around constantly and you on the other end your whole world is confided in your room and your books and notes!

How do deal with it and don't let this break your spirit?!



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Well I am definitely not a topper . But, I listen to this:


I will start from a b'tful line-

"It takes Longer to built a palace than to Built a House"

Struggling with loneliness and feeling alone isn't your enemies, they are just making you Strong and if are able to overcome same you will steal the show.

First of all, It's not important or necessary to be left out from world and just study. Actually Why toppers make themselves left alone is just reason-

"After Sometime they just started enjoying what they are Doing" Because they know the "WORTH OF GATE" which take them to another level if they prepared well. Also, they don't want  to pressurize themselves they usually spend time with their family, But again only one thing is always in their mind to get a good rank in GATE. They never thought the consequences of Failure Because they believe in themselves and their Hard Work which they are Doing.

May be your friend got a job in Infosys or wipro or whatever and you Supoose you Didn't make it, What now?

Ranker- take it as a positive way and think that may be God wants to give me GATE again and get a good rank. They start preparing and forgetting about that job wala friend because that friend will not put bread into his house at the end of the Day.

Loser- Give Excuses , Blames others Blames his Luck and finally end up destroying himselves.
Partying is necessary but for a Reason, if you a good position then party with your Family. Noone stops you.

Conclusion- disconnecting from everything isn't necessary but if your interest develops towards GATE subjects , you yourselves leave all this and get down to work early morning, keeping in Mind the Fresher parties at IIT Or IISC and ofc the placements which is much high in domain than your wipro wala dost.



|| ________ This person has Nailed it!

@ sidlewis   -  Indeed you nailed it. Thank you, that was very comforting and inspiring!

1)Working out, doing anything like cycling,swimming, jogging, walking for a few minutes everyday is a great stress booster and helps you organize your thoughts. Also, a healthy body makes a healthy mind.

2)It's also not necessary to be completely cut off from the world for the preparations because sometimes talking to a close friend is all the therapy you need. Talk to your parents/close-ones whenever you feel low, it surely makes you feel better.

3)Watching a movie once in a month or two would do no harm,rather refreshes the mind and helps to get back to preparing with even more energy. Listening to short you-tube videos of things and people that inspire you, push you to work even harder. One could also set short-term targets for oneself and on achieving those, reward oneself with a movie or even a pizza for that matter.
i don't think toppers cut off from world. they just limit their enjoyment . have you ever thought there are 24 hours in day ?? what you do with these 24 four hours ? now consider you sleep 8 hours a day, study for 10 hours .still you have 6 hours for other activities and just have to optimize your time one is short of time,just lack of decisions.
I think I am in a good situation to answer this question as I have myself along with many toppers went through this phase. First introducing myself, I am an MS student at IIT Madras. I can definitely tell you that this period of hard work is worth every penny. When you see professors and students here you will be delighted to see so many talented people around you. Imagine you are walking with a Professor/Guide for an evening coffee and sharing your views and thoughts with him. Life can't be better than that for me.

Now coming to your question, I will tell what I used to do every day other than studying 10-12 hours. I used to go to the gym or walk to better my health and this was the time where I used to meet my friends and remove my entire tiredness or frustration if any. Other than that I used to play cricket on Sundays for around 1-2 hours which used to recharge me for the entire week. Also not to forget there will be some days where you won't like to study and there will be somewhere you will be very passionate. So keep going and stay healthy.
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