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ISRO is inviting applications from engineering graduates for the post of Scientists/Engineers. And the exam to be held on 17th of December!!

posted Sep 17, 2017 in Others by Active (2,633 points)
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Why isro  recruitment for second time in this year, next year  will recruitment or not. I thought yearly once for scientists recruitment...

Thank You  Sukannya.

You are welcome... :)
Hi, I am in 4th year .Can i fill the form?
@Amit This is for 2017 or earlier batch so 2018 pass out students cannot fill it.
I think the exam has been preponed to be on 17th of December. Can someone check the site and let me know.
yes ,exam is preponed to 17th of Dec
Does ISRO send admit card via email or we need to download it from website ?
They send mail and upload the admit cards on their site as well. You need to carry a printout of either of them in the exam hall.
on what basis they shortlisted the candidates as they said in advertisement " only shortlisted  candidates will get the admit card ,someone eligible for filling the form doesn't ensure that someone is eligible for written test".
I haven't heard anyone of not being shortlisted for the written round, maybe it's just that the minimum eligibility criteria should be satisfied like 60% in B.Tech or equivalent I think.
I got mail today for ISRO exam.
ISRO and NIELIT Exam on the same day i.e 17th December .

are they serious ?? :|

Even better .. in the same time slot!
is there any chances of changing the exam date??
NIELIT specifically mailed that they decided their exam date according to ISRO but later ISRO changed their date so they can't do anything now and it's too late for changing the exam date.
Hi Guys,

I think this is not correct. ISRO should postpone their exam. Everybody should drop a mail to ISRO and NIELIT.


ISRO ->[email protected]

NIELIT -> [email protected]

If we have to use some other e-mail then please notify.
yes isro should change their dates. This is very unfair.
i already send mail to both nielit nd isro but both replied no change in exam dates will be entertained.
This is India; kindly tweet the same to HRD minister.
arjun sir is right please everyone tweet to HRD minister.
Tweet and send mail to isro. They can change the exam date untill the admit cards are released by them.

This is the reply I got from ISRO.

They don't give a damn about students .

This is the reply I got from ISRO -->

Due to administrative reasons, the date of exam of Scientist/Engineer 'SC' cannot be changed and will be held on 17th December 2017 (Sunday) as scheduled.  You may keep checking Careers page of ISRO website for updates.

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