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I have a 23 years compilation of previous years topic wise questions. I know solving both will be really good, but I don't think I have the time for that. Is GO book enough? Or is it too much that I should go for previous years book?
posted Sep 20, 2017 in Study Materials by (83 points) | 1,290 views


Not sure what you mean by "solving both".

GO book is having previous GATE questions (ignoring TIFR, ISI, CMI as those questions are not many) and the book you told also has same. So, why should one solve BOTH? GO is having GATE questions from 1987 onwards -- that is previous 31 years plus 5 years of IT papers. In terms of solutions, well you can compare them and see. And if someone is by-hearting solutions -- no book is enough.
Cool. Thanks! :)

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