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GO hardcopy available via Amazon

posted Sep 20, 2017 in From GO Admins by Veteran (352,613 points)
edited Oct 21, 2017 by | 2,266 views


arjun sir, the book is published in india ????

why delivery charges rs 900....
Not yet published. For now, it is only printed as publication may take time. Who told delivery charge is 900? It is around Rs 160 using book post option. By courier, it is around Rs 1000, as the 3 books weigh around 4600 grams.
The cost is like this 2000 pages print -- 1000 Rs, 150-180 Rs for binding, 185 Rs for courier, rest for the carton and handling.
Congrats sir ...finally book is there for everyone who doesn't knw abt gateoverflow...
Arjun sir .. I ordered the book a bit late.. i mean on 27 sept. .. Is there any chance i would get the book? I paid thru patym ..
Yes. You had paid for speedpost rt? It is already sent. I'll email the receipt with tracking number tonight.
Ya i paid for postal too..  thanks a ton sir.. i thought i missed the chance. Thank you
asm book sir ...feeling be the part of gate overflow

Hello, Arjun sir why the delivery charge is 508. rupees??????????

That is what Amazon charges for Easyship.
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