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This day one year back I joined this nice platform..So I think it is just to reiterate back to the one year past..At that time I did not know much about the gateoverflow as I did not use it earlier..Just knew about the rank predictor : Thanks to @Pragy sir for this beneficial thing.. So I made this account one year back..And since then I have been learning a lot from the questions and discussions following the questions..

In fact according to me , it is one of the best platforms for GATE preparation..It contains not only the previous year questions' solutions but a lot of healthy discussions in the comment section of most of the questions..Besides one can also discuss the standard questions and concepts here..@Arjun sir and @Bikram sir in particular has been helpful a lot..

At this juncture , I also try my best to help as well..But following what happened in the GATE this year , I was upset that time..But at the same time I feel happy for those who have achieved good and acknowledge my help in some form or the other..I have learnt a lot from a few people in particular.. @Kishalay Da ,@Debashish Da , @Anusha Motamarri , @vijaycs , @srestha , @mcjoshi ,@Prashant to mention a few (Sorry if I have forgotten any) ..

In the end , I will suggest all gate aspirants to use gateoverflow nicely..It would be very beneficial..Thank you all..Myself also hoping to do something good in upcoming year..

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You are welcome, Habib. In 1 year you are already among Top 3 scorers. And as many toppers added, your answers were very useful for them. Not everyone has the talent or patience to explain stuff like you have.
Thanks a lot @Arjun sir for ur compliments.. I will try to continue this good work as much as possible here..
Thanks for your valuable contribution to the community.

Thanks Habib for your contribution to the Gate overflow. You are Usain Bolt of  Gate overflow.:-)

You Arjun sir and Bikram sir are true teachers of my life,,ssly!
Thanks a lot for ur nice compliment @smartmeet bro..Wish u success in upcoming exams..:)
Habib, not everyone can explain stuff like you do. I remember how many messages i used to send you regarding doubt clarification last year. Thanks for your help brother.
Thanks a lot @mcjoshi bro for acknowledging..Wish u a nice two years ahead in IIT B..:)
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