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Hello all members of GO. Just consider when a drops of water are scattered all over, it is one tiny drop. But when accumulated together it forms a mighty ocean. In wake of the above statement I ask you all to help me up to re categorize the NET questions here in Gate Overflow. This helps many members here preparing for NET. Just imagine all of this when organized and categorized under shall all be available at a single place. Yes,your and mine contribution helps in publishing the NET Pdf of GO. Members kindly join in. Your valuable support is encouraged and appreciated here.
posted Oct 25, 2017 in From GO Admins 2,719 views


Can you please tell what do re-categorize mean here? It is related to tagging? means how we can help you?
Actually some questions of UGC NET are not organized Subject-Wise and Topic wise. It needs to be recategorized. Like if a question is of CN, then in some ques the proper category of the subject/topic has not been mentioned. Therefore I need your help in organizing it properly. I hope you've understood. :)

Yes. Most NET questions are just added, but not organized subject wise. So, the requirement is to categorize them into proper subjects and also add tags. Say if a question is from finite-automata, tag will be "ugcnet-xxxx, theory-of-computation, finite-automata". If a subject is not in the category like Object Oriented Programming or Computer Graphics it will be under Non-GATE.  Most tags -- at least for GATE subjects will be auto-filled once you type a few letters. Here is a question list:

Sir , www . gatecse . in is redirecting to eventhough there is no problem is working fine . But subject links in gate overflow are using www . gatecse . in so it is showing error . If you are aware , ignore this .
Thank you for notifying. It is fixed now.
how can i access ugc net questions??

In d link mentioned below. Yeah. :)