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As an engineer we have habit of waking up in the morning 9am or even more late.

So what happen when you get morning session??

1. Lots of Silly mistakes.

2. Mind is not able to think.

3.As per habit our mind not allow us to sleep early,and have to wake up early in the morning around 6am as per centre distance from our living. So biological clock totally disturb.Means Thinking capacity disturbed.

4. Apart from this you may face lots of problem for your daily activities.

To set biological clock we need Atleast 21 days.So start waking up early around 6am in the morning.It will definitely helps you. If we consider 70years of our life we will waste around 24years by sleeping ,4years by eating like that way we have only 12 years effective time.So utilize it properly and be different from others.

Start Giving the exams. Don't think that first complete the reading and then go for test.always give 100marks test only even You haven't completed syllabus. Try to give atleast 1test within 3days.Try to give test Within the time slot as per gate2018,So that on the day of exam you will feel you are giving exam from home only.

If you are getting less marks in test series don't be disappointed.Try to improve day by day. Original gate paper is nothing but modified version Previous year Gate questions + standard book questions with minor modification or copy paste  + 10% to 15% Hard one.

How to avoid silly mistakes ??

Silly mistakes happen because of disturbed mind, Mismatch in speed of thinking and speed of writing and reading, Not having proper way of solving questions,etc. Give test and try to find out why you are doing silly mistakes??

As per my calculation previous year gate questions are sufficient for getting 50marks and sometimes even more.But there is way of solving previous Gate questions. One of the best way is Go through Gateoverflow previous year  questions and each alternative answers and each and every  comment after answers.Solve Previous year gate questions Atleast twice.

I'll write more points when I'll get Time. These are points what I think should be considered and this is the perfect time to apply it. Best of Luck for Gate 2018.
posted Nov 14, 2017 in Preparation Advice by Boss (25,677 points) | 1,570 views


This post really help for all GATE  2018 Aspirants

thank you so much sir
Thank you!
Really one of the Great post.Thanks papesh.
thank u so much but i want to ask how to maintain consistency in studying  daily. i study for 4-5 days daily then i need one day break after these 4-5 days and this waste my one whole day. can u tell me some way to maintain consistency.
that can be only obtained by self motivation and passion for th final goal. Its obvious to get bored by the monotonous routine.
@papesh, Thanks. Helpful Post. Waiting for the next post. :)
Hi Friends,

In my village some people told  me --> Regular Yoga, Exercise, Meditation and Sattvic food and Celibacy in every phase of life will boost the performance.

Yes important but don't believe or assume that people who is doing all mentioned things only they will get good rank ...Our Belief system is too strong..what our mind think we will get same result...Be positive and work hard since without hard work smart work can't work!

OK @papesh ji,


greatly said @papesh sir
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