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There are a lot of articles on the substandard Indian education system which is primarily caused by teachers be taken via recruitment exams where questions are copied from some guide books. But plagiarism does not stop there -- it is like corruption. Most students are also culprits of it. As of now, there are 36984 answers on this site -- how many of them will hit a 100% score for being exactly copied from somewhere without reference? This number is not too low. I do not know what these people strive for -- if you copy you are neither serving yourself nor others. Remember if you get accustomed to this habit, then even if you score a top rank in GATE you will get expelled from IIT/IISc for copying in assignments. You may refer anywhere, understand others points and views; but finally whatever you write must be in your own words. A good reviewer does not need any fancy AI technique to determine if something is copied. All answers on GO will be going through a plagiarism check and all copied ones will be removed with penalty points be given to those users. I hope the students here will be genuine and show a good path for future generation. GO should be a pride place for Indian CS students.
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thats great thing said by arjun bro .....if one copies one misses out the most important part ,the 'why' part of everything and only knows the 'how' part.Analysis is the key even if your answer is incorrect.
I feel like cheating myself even when the thought of copying answers/questions/resources comes to my mind. I wonder how many students do it so easily. Indian Education System even awards these 'students' with Phd, Post Doctoral, but what is the use? Ultimately those 'students' have Cow's brain. Be glad you are born a human, use your brain. Trust me, it feels good to use the brain.

Arjun sir : I have a issue in GO.Why are you not providing  a like button in the Post$\text{(P.S-:Specially Post given by Arjun Suresh )}$  :)

I think Number of views(457 as of now) are representing number of likes...
Good step .... i appreciate it ..