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There are hardly a few PSU exams for Computer Science and now ISRO and NIELIT are conducting exams on the same day - 17/12/17 and despite many requests from the aspirants both are not willing to change the dates. Please change one of the date.

— GATEOverflow (@csegate)
posted Dec 5, 2017 in Others by Veteran (346,325 points) | 1,155 views


Hall tickets also given, is there any hope that they will change ?
no hope
Yes, I do not see any change happening. But at least no one will say that we did not try.

@Arjun sir , i am in a dilemma which exam to appear for ... please help :)

@ gari , make your own choice. Take previous year papers and check yourself. Which one you feel confident appear for that exam :)

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