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The application for job is based on GATE Score of 2015/2016/2017.

posted Dec 6, 2017 in Others by Boss (12,241 points) | 2,097 views


Thank you for posting, but since only 6 people from UR category are eligible from whole India. I think, it makes me lose the moral, that I'll never be able to get a job.
It's just one in plenty. This doesn't means you r ineligible. Other opportunities haven't ended yet. Keep your Hopes high. :)
You're right arnav.

If you think you can't then certainly you can't.

It's always a matter of choice , to choose b/w 'Can' or 'Can't'.

Don't mind.Good Luck.
thanks .. :)

@Rupendra Choudhary That's like a swift kick in the A**. 

Thanks for the wake up call to come out of a slumber! :)

Its india and we are very lucky to be born here.... pun intended..

Its india and we are very lucky to be born here.... pun intended..

@sushmita ji,

Please do not make fun of India and It's citizen. Problem exists everywhere.

is the application form available now ?
nupsss...after 16th december ....
okay :)
This much competition help us to grow more in terms of knowledge. + point to be an Indian.
Good luck for the competition
for final year student ??
final year students eligible or not ?
What is the last date to apply?
applications are not yet out :)
if any one do not have final degree or provisional and have only 7th sem mark shit can apply or not??
what about the result now ..? anybody have any update about it ?
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