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All the Best Guys !


 Examination Date & Day                         Time              Paper(s)
03 February 2018 (Saturday) 09:00 – 12:00 hrs (IST) (Forenoon Session) ME, EY, PE, XE, XL
03 February 2018 (Saturday) 14:00 – 17:00 hrs (IST) (Afternoon Session) ME, AE, MA, PI
04 February 2018 (Sunday) 09:00 – 12:00 hrs (IST) (Forenoon Session) CS, MN
04 February 2018 (Sunday) 14:00 – 17:00 hrs (IST) (Afternoon Session) AG, AR, BT, CH, CY, GG, IN, MT, PH, TF
10 February 2018 (Saturday) 09:00 – 12:00 hrs (IST) (Forenoon Session) EC
10 February 2018 (Saturday) 14:00 – 17:00 hrs (IST) (Afternoon Session) EE
11 February 2018 (Sunday) 09:00 – 12:00 hrs (IST) (Forenoon Session) CE
11 February 2018 (Sunday) 14:00 – 17:00 hrs (IST) (Afternoon Session) CE
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just one session for entire CS?
its too early...
one session , its mean number of student is not too much
other than practicing questions....we need to practice waking up early....especially in this winter when it feels so comfy under the quilt....:D
i dont know how can i manage all the subject , semester , completed  all the subjects once but i dont know how i manage for revision ,its too late i dont no what i have to do right now,, only  practice practice and practice previous year question  or revision whole syllabus once again ..
Good Grief, and their I was expecting CS exam to happen in the second week of February, with respect to previous exam schedules....
Anyways, the sooner, the better!

Same here @Namit Dhupar

@Ankit, Keep practicing. You'll never get satisfied with your revisions and you'll feel revising it once again. So better option is to keep practicing test series & previous years ques. Identify your areas of mistake and try not to repeat the same. You can revise max of three times. Once in Dec, once in Jan and last on Feb. Prepare your ultra short notes (having your common mistakes, formulas and some concepts). Strategize it well. All the best!
even though there is one session but do you think that paper sets will be same to all?
Sets will be different but questions will be same(ordering of questions will change).

Not sure though

Don't Underestimate the power of Test series (Full length/ mock test) .This is the key .

First of all start with Previous Gate Paper wise (atleast from gate 2007 to gate 2017) and then any best Paid/Free Mock test.This the best way to revise everything in just within 3 hours . 
"Knowing is not enough we must apply and be willing is not enough we Must Do".
Best of luck.

will it be tough this time??
If it is tough,then it is for all. We should not worry about that:)
Test series is not that much necessary .... because one can easily see that those questions r same as gate questions ... jst little parameters change ... Now time ... set a timer on phone ... and solve previous yr gate questions ...
@puja , if you are good with concepts then also test series required for following reasons

1) to handle flow between tough and easy questions

2) time division and management between 1 mark and 2 marks questions

3) to see area of mistakes because sometimes even by knowing the concepts we do some "inertial mistakes " so test series is required to modify that inertia

4) test series provides  pre confidence before exam

so at least  one should  go for 4-5 full length test series for time management and as many as sectional test series to rectify our mistakes and to identify our weak points
This things can be done without using test series also ...  In gate it is almost impossible to attend all questions ... so set a timer of 3 minutes for every question ... Thats it ... within 3 minutes solve it ... cross check it .. enough i guess ...
test series is a must as it gives the exact interface which you gonna face on the day of exam.And there is no need to waste time in setting the timer for every question and calculating how many questions we solved correct.bcz there will be plenty of questions we are going to practice everyday.

I'm a strong critic of test series mainly due to the bad quality of questions often corrupting the aspirant's knowledge. But anyone serious about GATE should give at least 2-3 full length exams -- this

  1. Ensures you can recollect the concepts when needed
  2. Trains the mind to switch from one topic to another as and when required
  3. Helps in time management by spending less time on easy ones and more time on difficult questions and smartly skipping really difficult questions
  4. Helps in getting used to the online exam system -- simple drag and click, looking at screen etc can be time consuming and not the same as doing on a paper

When I gave GATE I hadnt given any practice tests, but some of the placement tests (not IT companies) served that purpose. Previous GATE papers are the best test scenario for GATE, but many of those questions you would have seen somewhere.

Do you think merely studying standard books and solving previous year questions is enough? personally, I think test series are crucial also because of the variety of question it presents to the aspirant and the more question you practice the better you shall get at it considering the increasing competition. What say?

Yes, I too think if concepts are clear and you had done previous years in a nice manner
then no need for test series

This person also didn't give test series still made it to top 10 in GATE 2016.

Giving a test series is always a plus point.But if there is a time bound then one should first prioritize revision+previous year over test series.

There's a good side as well as a bad side of these test series, while it's true that mostly test series are just a modification of all the previous year questions until now but solving variety of questions will certainly boost your confidence, and not to mention, time management. Now don't get carried away by them.
Most of the times people posting their test series questions on this website finds out that the given answer is actually wrong and the actual answer is something else, So never ever rely on test series for concepts else you are bound to get deceived and sometimes may start questioning your own concepts that you have studied till now.

So let's face it, test series are a necessary evil.

I must shift my preparation course than. I am giving many tests yet havent started with previous year questions. I had planned like 1 week for all previous year questions. Though I am considering a change in this plan reading your views.
yes you are right .

ace test series is worst of all
Please, guys, suggest me how to prepare for General aptitude section I am really struggling with it.
@Oggy Go with quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal and give at least 1 hour just for this, after that there is a sister website of Gate Overflow called Aptitude Overflow, solve from there, so devote 2 hours in total for all of this, and start from this moment itself... 55 Days to go...

Thank you @ Namit !!

I would say nothing matches the level of questions as like gate questions.Bt one can easily get hold of tifr,cmi,isi and also go test series designed by seniors here.Thats the level of questions expected.Not copy paste gate forum questions.Especially I am saying this since last year set 1 was real tricky and deep thinking.But even in that paper there were some very direct questions hidden here and there,but people do panic seeing a long list of completely out of the box questions.
I request someone experienced in GATE to please comment on the fact that:-
Entire CS branch is accomodated in a single session on a single day -on 4th ---> unlike previous years. So, does this means that this time number of students registered in GATE CS are less? And competition maybe relatively less due to lower cutoffs??

Please Enlighten.
@Ashish First of all "number of students" attempting is not a criteria for difficulty for GATE selection because Indian engineering educations is so pathetic compared to what IITs need. For example in 2012 more than 200,000 students took GATE probably due to registration being free for girl candidates which was twice the number of students compared to any other year. But did this affect the toppers -- no.

Now, why a single session for GATE2018? This is not due to less number of candidates, but because they got enough computer resources to conduct exam in a single session at least for CSE.

Those who worry about competition hardly succeed in GATE.The competition in GATE is with oneself -- not with fellow aspirants. If one can score 70+ he/she will get good IITs. Competition is relevant only to those getting 4 digit ranks. We'll soon show statistical proof of this.
Unnecessary questions ...
Beautiful line "Those who worry about competition hardly succeed in GATE.The competition in GATE is with oneself -- not with fellow aspirants."