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I request someone experienced in GATE to please comment on the fact that:-
Entire CS branch is accomodated in a single session on a single day -on 4th ---> unlike previous years. So, does this means that this time number of students registered in GATE CS are lesser this time?And competition maybe relatively less due to lower cutoffs??

Please Enlighten.
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In another post, Arjun Sir replied correctly to my doubt.


@Ashish First of all "number of students" attempting is not a criteria for difficulty for GATE selection because Indian engineering educations is so pathetic compared to what IITs need. For example in 2012 more than 200,000 students took GATE probably due to registration being free for girl candidates which was twice the number of students compared to any other year. But did this affect the toppers -- no.

Now, why a single session for GATE2018? This is not due to less number of candidates, but because they got enough computer resources to conduct exam in a single session at least for CSE.

Those who worry about competition hardly succeed in GATE.The competition in GATE is with oneself -- not with fellow aspirants. If one can score 70+ he/she will get good IITs. Competition is relevant only to those getting 4 digit ranks. We'll soon show statistical proof of this.
Why are you guessing about number of students or competition, speak for yourself one should have aim to get 70+ and secure his/her position irrespective of number of applicants.

Paper will be very easy if you prepare for it ,paper will be always hard if you are unprepared.

Even if number of applicants are 1000 number of students getting IITs will be 300-400 only, stop guessing.

50 days are remaining study hard as you can. All the best
u are right @tesla!