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I am not able to solve previous years questions of GATE. I learnt the basics but getting struck in almost every question. Please suggest some resource for the same considering the time constraint.
posted Dec 11, 2017 in Probability 2,437 views


Solve each question as if it will be asked in GATE .
Do not aim to solve too many questions . Solve only a few , but understand their underlying concepts .
After completing a few subjects , try giving their subject Tests and Eventually Full Length Tests.

There was a post by Arjun Sir , in which he said if you solve properly , "even solving the 3 papers of GATE 2014 is enough" , on the other hand , you can run through 25 years GATE questions and still wont understand much .
These are some golden words , I reckon .
Please post the link of arjun sir's post
If you have just started ...don't get de-motivated...u try 2 solve the questions..again n again...if they r getting wrng..check whr u r committing it a silly mistake..or total concept is wrong/////rectify ur mistake and move forward...////it happens with evry1..its just on it...u will definetely solve..
Bro..i will suggest to give previous year Full Length Gate Questions in GateOverflow and see how you are performing. If you are not able to get qualifying marks then definitely you have to read you subjects well, then no point of giving gate previous years. But if you are qualifying easily then you work on you weak areas. Don't get demotivated. GATE questions are intentionally made to be tricky but if your concept grasp is good, you can easily solve them. Work on your concept. Aim HIGH and Work Very HARD. At the end solve atleast 5 GATE previous year papers, if possible complete all 26 tests that are given in GATEOVERFLOW. You can also try to understand concept from answer that are given in GATEOVERFLOW. All the best for the EXAM.