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Once a student called Einstein over the phone and asked, “Sir, I need your guidance in one of my subjects. When can I come and meet you?”

Einstein: Tomorrow evening at 5:00.

Student: Thank you Sir!

Einstein: But do you know, what is the meaning of 5:00 pm?

Student: Yes Sir! 4 O'clock 59 Minutes and 60 Seconds.

Perhaps, very few of us own such level of intelligence. That's why we are always found complaining– 'We don't have time... It seems as if time has wings...' But, to tell you the truth, if you look at the hands of a clock steadily without intermission for 5 minutes, and if you observe its movement by each second, you will experience that even the time of five minutes is quite a bit.

Meaning, you don't keep count only for hours and minutes. Instead, pay attention to every single second. Utilise it intelligently with utmost care. For each second has its own value. It is matchless and precious. In this context, someone has beautifully expressed that to know the importance of–

One year– Ask the student who has failed the examination.

One month– Ask the mother who delivered a baby a month before.

One week– Ask the editor of a weekly magazine.

One day– Ask the worker working on daily wages.

One minute– Ask the one who missed the train.

One second– Ask the one who was saved providentially in an accident.

One thousandth of a second (i.e. one millisecond)– Ask the Olympic athlete who lost the gold medal.

Therefore, take care of each second; the hours will take care of themselves....don't waste ur time in useless  things
posted Jul 27, 2016 in Motivation by Loyal (9,931 points) | 474 views


Beautiful post... Very motivational...
A nice and valuable post.
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