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I joined Gate Overflow in 2016 to prepare for GATE. As I had a Electronics and Telecomm. background, I had to start the subject from the base (except some subjects like programming and Digital Logic). For preparing I diligently followed Gate Overflow for previous year GATE questions and followed all the books and videos(specially lectures by Shai Simonson) recommended on the website.

In the end my rank was rather dissappointing (AIR 2803-GEN) mainly due to ignoring COA, OS and making too many mistakes on the final day. But GO helped me in developing a good understanding of the core CS topics, specially Data Structures, Algorithms, Theory of Computation and Discrete Maths. I was again preparing this year for GATE but luckily got shortlisted for MS (winter admissions) at IIT Kanpur, and finally got selected after the written test, programming test and interview. The conceptual understanding developed really helped in interview where the professors grill you on the fundamentals.

I want to thank Arjun Sir for creating this wonderful platform and all the other super awesome contributors who take special effort to make the concepts clear, rather than relying on cheap tricks. It is helpful for anyone who is interested in CS, regardless of whether he is appearing for GATE or not.
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congrats :)
Congrats and all the best for the future :)

Definitely, your concepts(upon which you worked hard) only helped you to achieve this.

hope you have the better life ahead.

May I know what was the cutoff for the winter MS admissions?

Could you please share your interview experience here.

It would be helpful for many future aspirants as well.
Congrats Ajinkya. People like you make us happy in contributing to GO :)

Can you Please share your interview and Programming test experience , It will be very help for students for preparation after GATE.
Congratulations for you Ajinkya bro

May be in future we also get an opportunity to write some experience like you
ah god i love this community!
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