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Hiii everyone Respected Seniors and Teachers i have to say one thing that if someone posted an answer or comment then some of us  downvote or edit without giving reasons this creates irritating sometimes i m not saying it is wrong but if anyone wants to downvote or edit then please give one comment before specially for downvote because sometimes it is not clear that why downvote is given if anyone wants to give downvote then before that please clarify that :-

1-What is the reason why answer is wrong

2-how it can be correct

because by down voting we can earn points but what is the mistake why it is wrong it is not cleared .I think the ultimate aim of this website or community according to me is to clear doubts , give suggestions and help not to just compete others or earn more and more points because in long run points doesn't matter but knowledge matters and we need not to worry about points because if we have clear concepts then definitely points increases.

At last i want to say this is a an excellent platform please use it wisely
posted Jan 5, 2018 in Others by Boss (10,527 points) | 1,239 views


yes @arjun sir this may be right step.....
Dude it doesn't matter, if has happened with many of us, if they don't give reason then simply move on, there are many more problem to solve, don't waste time on such thing time is costly specially in January . If you feel you know concept and you are right then post your views. If you are been targeted then report to Arjun sir.
I think currently no facility is available for checking difference with respect to older version (specially in case of Edit). So no way to verify someone has done something good or bad.


This should work for editors - change the last part of URL to any postid -- postid is different for questions, answers and comments -- this can be known by moving the mouse over to "commented", "answered" etc part of their meta information.

Another way ... one can set a flag on a particular answer for admins to check ..... Every editor has her/his own way to view the answer ... that may  conflict ... It can happen ... Bt wat that answer want to say according to that question .... that should nt be changed ...
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