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#10_important_suggestions.(as per our experience).
Note- Ignore if u already have some better plan.

1. Make sure that before writing GATE exam, u already hold 
the experience of atleast 5-10 full length paper in the similar 
environment and also at the same timing slot 09.00 -12.00.
2. Daily revision of short notes is obligatory .
3. Same for previous year's paper.
4. Some theoretical concepts are there in the syllabus to mug 
up. So u must do it . 
5. Take care of ur foods during these days.
6. 6-7 hrs of sleep is very necessary for ur good health and 
good mind.
7. These days, u can avoid all social connections except 
gatecse family .
8. while attempting paper, Dont read questions in hurry.Stay 
calm, read questions carefully atleast for twice and if not 
understood then use ur pen/pencil to note down 
things(numerical value, conditions ,variable etc. ).
9. Spending much time on a single question is stupidity(I 
should not use this word but it is).Better mark those 
questions and try at last.
10. Think about the 3 hrs and U are in IIT.(deep line)

Good luck 
All the best, guys n girls 
*Ignore grammatical mistakes,I m working on it.

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Good Luck to u too :)
Thank you!! and if you're also appearing then All the best to you too  :)
Thank you :)
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