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1)NOT verifying all options in multiple choice questions  leads to selecting wrong option

2) escaping key terms like "SOME" , "ATMOST", "ATLEAST" , "ALWAYS " ,"NOT " ,"strongly supports" etc , so read the question two times

3)during calculation " not focusing on units like bytes , bits , km ,m ,mili ,micro etc"( mostly happens due to hurry)

4)not writing steps clearly which will help in rechecking .

5) overconfidence kills , so even if question is easy try to answer it with calm mind

6) not sleeping properly one day before exam : this is biggest mistake .

7)getting in panic mode by observing continuous run of 3-4   hard or lengthy questions.( this can be handled if you have practice of test series)


1) how to use rough book :

2)during calculation write all necessary steps , do not skip

3) do not try to do " JAY MATA DI "(guessing answer) for multiple choice questions , it will down your rank if "MATA JI " is not happy with you :)

.......................................................ALL THE BEST FRIENDS ......................................................



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Almost all of the 7 steps matches with mine which I committed last year. All these points look soo trivial but most of the marks are lost to these kinds of mistakes! Thanks for writing!
Thanks :)
Last point lol :D
Thanks for mentioning these trivial but very imp points! Last point :p
" JAY MATA DI " Or "AKAD BAKAD BOMBAY BO..." Remaining all you know.

Haha :-)
Yes sir
Can anyone please guide me!

From my side I've completed the whole syllabus and solved previous year gate questions twice but still in any online test series (Made easy, Gateforum) Basic test for full syllabus I'm scoring between 40-50 marks only. Please make me understand where I'm lacking so that I can increase it to at least 70-75 marks.

I am also facing the same problem my average in mock test (made easy,others) is also around 45 and my marks are not increasing since long time.


Thats the definition on normal distribution....most prepared people will hover on that range....I have scored 60+ in 2  gateforum papers....and in 52-58 range in 3 madeeasy paper...and scored as low as 38 in one paper...I dont aim to score 75...since I know I cannot score that much if not the paper is very easy....Paying attention to mistakes and accuracy in paper is more of a requirement than increasing speed....and nowadays many questions are NAT need to double check.I have seen some toppers time in madeasy...they have scored 70+ in 2 hrs only!!....I dont know how they manage that...If you are sure of getting 40 marks...first try to get that then aim for 50+..dont worry so much it will only bring anxiety and tension especially if the paper given is a tough one..You can write down your mistakes and analyze...that helps.
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