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Remember the guy who gave up ?

Neither does anybody else !


If you are feeling worried then let me congratulate you because you are having brilliant experience and after GATE you will have a proud and satisfactory smile while remembering these days. You are worried because you prepared well.

Anyway, It is quite normal to feel tensed but it should not affect your studies. Almost everyone feel worried and become sad, now difference lies in how long it takes to get back to study- 1hr, 2hrs, 1 day or 2 days ?. The less time you take the less rank you get :).

  • Let me tell you something that you already know, Suppose you close your all books and stop studying right away, will this make your rank better ? No right !

         -Be positive and manage your time.


  • Some of you might have already taken decision for preparing next year, but in between of  GATE exam and GATE result, you will be having hell lot of time to decide anything, you can also do family planning meanwhile . Lets not waste this time for useless thoughts, It is time to revise and not a time to seek excuses for why u cant get it done.

         -Be smart enough to avoid pointless thoughts 


  • Your most of the preparation is already over Now you can boost your marks with +5, +7 or even +10 by properly revising everything that you studied so far. You can do previous year GATE questions again, this is what i think best way to revise (that's the way I did). [Doing questions doesnt mean how fast you get answer, you should learn underlying concepts].

         - Revision is Important.


  • When you attempt any mock test and could not get a question solved, but by seeing solution you get it. Do you see what happened in test ? You just did not apply concepts that you already knew.

         - The way you think about questions matters, Improve thinking approach with more practice


There might be few topics in that you are not not comfortable with, I suggest you to not pay much attention to those few topics, just learn basics so that u dont skip easy scoring questions.

Never be Overconfident or Underconfident while attempting paper but you should be confident enough, If you prepared honestly then no matter what paper comes you will definitely get good score, If you prepared honestly and if a question is tough for you then it is definitely tough for many others. Trust me If you know concepts well then you will get a nice rank.

Dont leave Engineering Maths, It is easy and scoring (I did 2 easy questions wrong in exam hence i know the value)

I went through this time, I know how it feels but it is all worth remembering now, and I still cherish my GATE memories.  (If it can make you feel good then I was feeling underconfident one week before exam and I posted on fb too  - see screenshot)


Trust yourself, Keep calm and revise.

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feelinfg refreshed after seeing the post..thank u sachin..
Thanx a Lot Sir..
Thanks for the post, Sachin.
Thank you sir :)
Thank you, Sachin bhaiya... !!That was all needed at this point of time!!

since last 2-3 days I was feeling the same..tensed!! depressed and many things were continuously rolling around my head like what will happen after GATE ? agr is sal bhi nhi hua to what will I do? and may other things.But after reading your such a awesome post now I am much refreshed and gonna start it back with full enthuisam.Thank you @ Sachin Mittal are awesome as always :) 

Thank you @ Sachin Mittal 1 sir

Your post build confidence
Awesome... :) :)
I was waiting this .. :P ,

Thanks :)
This is what we needed during these days. :)
@sachin thank you :)
Thank You !
Thank you so much for all the advice that you gave :)

Much needed post at this time thanks Sachin Mittal 1 /\

Hope these days goes well.:)

Best of luck everyone .

Great post indeed! Thanks a lot :) That fb post was amazing, just 10 days before :p
Thanks you ..
Needed this a lot :) Thank you :) We should not regret after the GATE exam so we have to give our fullest now :)

Sahi baat h.... 

Manjil to mil hi jayegi , bhatkte hi sahi........

Gumrah to wo h , jo ghar se nikle hi nai......

Thank you bhaiya
Thank you everyone for reading this :)
thanks for the Great post
Needed this. Thanks. Rekindles the hope at eleventh hour.

@Sachin Mittal 1 this post literally saved me today after a disaster in test. 

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