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will the rank get effected if knowing almost all subjects except dbms????will not knowing abt dbms specially er diagram part and query part how much marks they can contain????
posted Jan 28 in Preparation Advice by Active (2,801 points) | 733 views


There may not be any question related to ER diagram(1 to 2 marks)  but query related question would definitely be there(1 to 3 marks). DBMS as a whole generally comprises of 8 to 9 marks out of 85 in tech. So, if you can score accurately in other subjects it won't matter.
the sql query part is generally more easier than understanding normalization and er diagrams which can be ambiguous sometimes.If you are lucky you might get a very easy question on sql..just dont bother about it now..
tell me some topics from dcn which have more chance of comming.. M not very good at CN
you can try geeksforgeeks website if you know some basics,notes are good and easy for revision.....
Go for *** and Techtud videos on youtube only if you have sufficient time to manage the other subjects.
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