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How many number of questions Gate Toppers attempt in actual Gate Exam and How many marks they do negative?

In case of both Easy or Tough paper. Seniors, Please share your experiences.
posted Jan 29, 2018 in Preparation Advice
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@Rajnish Kumar 1

you ask a very good question

This  post helps me a lot if anyone write answers
Please! Edit: what are the points which cause them to loose marks

@Anshul Shankar 

I think for your query you can read Habib Khan Post.

for tough paper accuracy will matter for easy paper speed will matter...but I generally allocate 10-15 mins for aptitude,40-50 mins for 1 mark and rest for 2 marks and generally reverify answer just after answering each question which helps to reduce silly mistakes(like byte to bits..KB or MB etc) are you people distributing time?......

Warning :- Not a topper , read as per your risk.

Hello Rajnish

I'm sharing my views and experience.Adopt if you find them useful.

Before appearing for exam make sure about those points.

1)What Rank do you expect from yourself.

2)Which are your strong subjects and which are weak.

3)What's your strategy to attempt question paper.

Don't expect a Rank as per your "will power" , It's an impractical approach.Everyone wants to obtain AIR1. but they acquire (most probably) a rank as per the quality of strategy and quantity of preparation. Ask yourself how much syllabus you have covered and from that portion how much you can obtain in worst case and best case.So at that level you are clear with your mind that 'What are your expectations'.Apart from this it's my person opinion that go for exam without any rigid thought of Rank.It's a risky approach i consider.Don't think about Rank , focus more about 'Giving Best'.

how can you attempt the question paper :- Well it's a personal question , only you can know what suits you best.Don't be flexible with your approach.I have done several mistakes and that's the reason i know more about 'What not to do' rather than 'What to do'.Just make a rough or more clearly 'Theme about how to attempt paper'.Now at that level if you are not so clear about strategy then it's clear , you didn't take sufficient Mocks.But it's okay.Now it's time to just believe in whatever you did.

first choose when do you want to solve you 'Apt' part.I prefer to solve first Technical section because it gives me motion and what i got my pace , i can solve APT in quite less time.15 mins in Best case 25 mins in worst case.Another benefit to solve first technical section is , if you slipped from your time management and took more time in Technical question , you may get pressure and APT here can be a saviour , if you're good with APT , it can relax you.You can solve APT in two rounds (best approach)Sometimes it happens that some passage problem or some +2 marks APT problem is out of our head so You can skip them for later.

For technical section i prefer to give first 30 min(best case) to + marks question and 45 mins in worst case.Then 1 hour for +2 marks problems and then i do solve APT. Now at that time i'm done with 2 hours and i have 1 hour.Now i decide whether first i solve again +2 marks problems or +1 marks problems(It's an execution time decision) I solve first that portion which is most favorable to me in terms of  complexity and 'questions from my favourite fields'. in that 1 hour i allocate 15-20 mins to +1 marks questions remaining time to +2 marks and those questions left of APT field.

I also subdivide time allocated for individual section into rounds like for +2 marks questions i first solve only those questions who are less calculative and quite easy fro me.when in that way i reach 55 , i now start in reverse order(55 to 26).Subjects with those i have loose hand i solve those questions in last of final round unless some quit easy question appeared.

First try to attempt that mush paper that can give you you 'worst case' or 'average case' marks then do attempt more question  for 'best case'.If you're average is 60 marks you can make rough target of getting 15 marks in first 40 mins(+1 marks questions) then again 15 questions in next 1 hour(+2 TECH part)and then 10 marks in APT part. Now at least you are done with your average case like 55 marks. Now in remaining 1 hour you can try your hand to achieve your best case.It was a rough approach.

Other points :-

1) Read question properly.make sure they have asked 'which of the following is correct' or which of the following is incorrect'.

2) Utilize your rough sheet properly.Actually make separate plan to use your rough book.Make sure it doesn't happen that i second round of some section you lost the record of 'where did you solve it before'

3)Learn to use scientific calculator.

4) Don't just ignore APT.believe me it's your best friend in those 3 hours.

5) Again use your rough very clearly as it may happen in b/w you came to know that you answered some question wrongly and at that time as you green marked that question , you can't find that question.well managed rough sheet is a saviour here.

6) Don't choose some calculative question in last five minutes of exam , choose some theory question or some English question.

7) Don't answer with guess unless you're a greedy dog.

8) Even if you came to know during exam that it was not your day and you performed bad , then just try to do remaining section as good as's good to have something than nothing.


in the last i want to say , if you performed good it's good.But somehow if thing didn't go as you expected.Don't worry.Just don't worry.They will be go someday as you expected.someday.Enjoy your journey.All the Best.


Rupendra Choudhary

Honestly, before reading this post, I was not much worried about "tackling the question paper". I was following a serial order and was quite okay with it. But this post of yours scares me to the core. And now I have no idea if I am doing it right or wrong! 

I wish I had gone by your warning and should never have taken the "risk" of reading this post. No offence. But this was scary!

Hello jerry

Do it in your own way.Don't care what i said or what someone else says.

My views are outcome of this thing.

I'm usually a deep thinker.It's problem with me that i explore about every possible scenario because i had enough failures and i don't personally like to fail.

If you're usually a good performer than you don't need to worry otherwise it's good to consider worst case and plan respectively.

Pardon me that at that critical time i disturbed you in some way but yet don't make your self-confidence that much weak.