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Hello! Just 3 days remaining for GATE and suddenly I don't know how but I fell sick. I have prepared well for past 4 months. I feel very much tired and don't have the energy to revise. I feel like I'm not gonna cross even 50%. Although I have an offer from a product based company as a backup, it's quite heart rending to know that all your efforts have gone down the drain. How do I fully utilize the remaining days?
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Firstly Take care of yourself . RELAX ! I assume you must have given your best during the four months span ,so you should be feeling confident by now . Everyone is sailing in the same boat ,none of us are left with the energy to revise and practice more. The only thing that is important presently  is your health issue deal with it get better so that you are able to appear for the exam. Wish you success :)

p.s. Wish me success too :P
Thanks! Wish you success too!
Also dealing with the same situation

Dealing with high  fever right now

Take care of yourself & take proper medicines

So that in exam day you will feel better

And if you work hard at the exam hall you'll surely answer all the questions properly

Don't worry :)

Thanks Subarna Das! Good Luck to you too!

It is okay bro

Life is not going to stop neither the struggles are. No matter you are topper or average or failure. So chill and give your best :)

Good luck :)

gauravkc Well said!

The same story here. Got sick around 21 January. Was sick for over a week. All plan for revision drown the drain. Not to mention the 4-5 Full tests I gave was like 37, 48, 52, 50, 38[made easy this one].

Here's what I plan on doing the next two days:

1. Tomorrow I am going to revise everything I have learned and practiced questions. Just go through the notes and see some questions here and there.

2. Give one more mock test, this time from Gateoverflow one. 9-12. Then revise everything again the rest of the day. This is for 2 Feb.

3. Rest for 3rd Feb.

And hope for best. I am just pissed right now and completely in depressed mode. Fuck it.
I think we are so much engrossed in getting good marks we have forgot the simple concept here,its all in the part of process to make one more knowledgable and improving your critical thinking process.Most of the people think that only if they reach IIT and IISc there is a meaning in their life well that is completely wrong.You wont get a job at google or high paid salary just because you are from IIT.Your struggle will continue there as well.Since I am already working,just on a side note I happen to know one collegue of mine in office who after btech went to do mtech from iit by QIP program then came to industry....and he was not paid a exburent salary just because he was from IIT.....I know people from top state government engg colleges struggling in simple coding/IT work...and especially If you are in private sector you will always be evaluated of your abilities....even if you are 50+ years old....its good in one way,you have entire lifetime to improve on yourself....
Well Said and Very True.
I have prepared only for about a period of 60 days. In 60 days I managed to finish all the subjects except computer architecture and a small part of DLD and Math. Not just this, I even managed to revise every subject at least 3 times. But just when I was about to start giving tests, tragedy happened, as it always does. And for over one month(which i could have used efficiently for practicing) I was not able to do anything because something really bad happened in the family. Usually, i don't give up that easy but this was too much for even me to take. My dream, of cracking the top 100 in 3 months was over because of circumstances  I had no control over. There is one thing that I've realised, since this is going to be my first attempt, that without enough practice, getting a good rank is not possible, for most people I mean, the average not genius people like me. Practice is the only weapon combined with regular revision that can take you to the top no matter who you are. What I can suggest you is that don't give up. If not this year then next year, if not, then in the next year. If you truly believe you can achieve something, then stick to it. Change the plan, not the goal. I know I may not get a good rank this time, but i won't give up until I do. Don't give up buddy, just give your best. Take this as an opportunity to gain experience. Whatever happens in the end, I'm sure you will be stronger than before. Good Luck.
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