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ISRO has again released advertisement for vacancies this time bit more for CSE. 

Exam date - 22nd April 2018.

Last date to register - 20th Feb 2018


posted Jan 31 in Others by Junior (619 points) | 1,562 views


are final year students eligible ?
Thank You for informing
Yes, final year students can also apply
There will be a written test. But no date for that?
It will be on 22/04/2018 And Final year student eligible yayyy!!
I'm studying in a state University where 100s of colleges are affiliated to it which means It will take atleast 6 months to get my degree certificate however provisional certificate will be available by july. Am I eligible?
thanks for informing..... :)
@balaji jegan
Just apply and give the exam. They don't check certificates before the exam.
B. Tech in Information Technology eligible?
@Shiwam1994, I've done my B.Tech. with Information Technology branch and had applied for this post 3 time in past.
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