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GATE is in two days. I would advise you to take enough rest and keep the mind healthy. If you are worried about forgetting stuffs -- nothing to worry; hardly any question in GATE will require that. While writing GATE never gets tensed. I'm not wishing anyone to get "easy" questions because that does not mean a good rank for you. The only thing you should worry is to

  1. Do NOT make careless mistakes - you can see the difference "NOT" makes here :)
  2. Read every question with same enthusiasm -- even if some are really tough keep your cool thinking that most others are going to find them even tougher
  3. Do not count marks; doing it after exam will give you some additional marks
  4. Do not try to do minimum 'X' questions -- if the exam is tough those who do not attempt tough questions end up getting better ranks; so attempt each question as per merit
  5. Some questions might be lengthy but solution might be simple. Reading with full concentration might help you in decoding them. But if it is not possible; never waste too much time
  6. Never try to pattern match the questions with those you have done in mock tests because most times there will be some change. So, read every word carefully; see all given options even if you are sure of the first one
  7. For the 3 hours keep your dreams and tensions aside. Just take one question at a time and do. If you do not make any mistakes you surely won't have any regrets in the end.

All the best :)


posted Feb 2, 2018 in Preparation Advice 3,464 views


Thank you Sir!
Thank you so much, sir
thanks sir ...WE WILL ROCK!!..
Thank you sir. Your valuable tips always give me hope.
Ohh! My goodness, Just I was browsing GO on mobile. I found a brown colour arrow Mark. After click, I found really helpful tips.

Thank you @Arjun Sir.
Thank you :)

"For the 3 hours keep your dreams and tensions aside. Just take one question at a time and do"

thank you sir!

@Arjun sir thank you for these tips. Tried in today's test. I was scoring between 55-65. Today miraculously it took me to 72 ☺.