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How was it ? :)

I think aptitude was easy, lengthy paper but medium.

If you remember any answers and sure about it.. Please post :p
posted Feb 4 in Others by Loyal (5,707 points) | 11,027 views


response sheet of gate-18 is available now... checkout guysss
ha ha ha :-D
you are too quick buddy!
Lol it got posted now... I commented it on the very same day when reponse sheet got released... But when I clicked on Add comment button it was showing it will reviewed and then be added... And after so long final my comment was added
This commet was posted by me on that day itself... But now its showing 3 hr ago... Feeling like I m on gov website
Wrote this above one on Tue feb 20 ... 9.40 pm ....:p.  In case it get posted late
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