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How was it ? :)

I think aptitude was easy, lengthy paper but medium.

If you remember any answers and sure about it.. Please post :p
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No need to discuss answers now. Better discuss them after the response sheet is released.
when will it come?
when will the response sheet released??
It was like the first set of the last year. Expecting a lower cut-off/highest marks.
apti was easy but technical was not easy at all
^Exactly. Technical was not even medium. 5 matrices were given for matrix multiplication that also with complex options.
huge lengthy questions,one paragraph two paragraph size..........I know one question which I gave wrong answer...the "hi" "bye" one...silly mistake,realized I marked wrong answer just at the last second.No of heaps....which I knew before but could not derive the count in short time...Gate is removing all types of pattern match easy questions like in set 2 last year.Of all the recent old papers...I think 2016 set 2,2017 set 2 was the most easy ones.Little depressed with my performance...looking forward to other exams which are there...
Yes .. either lengthy or difficult :/

If neither then they would be twisted -_-

The only question I found easy was number of states in DFA for corresponding NFA :p
There was only one set, right?
compare this with set 2 paper last year....for Gate you need to be prepared really well that is it is easy to score more on easy paper with direct questions.....that requires luck sometimes...
any one have idea about essential prime no.??
All 3 PIs were EPIs. That means, I got 3 EPIs.
3 or 4 ??

and post order inorder ,binary tree??

i think 4?
Yes height was 4. phew :/
How many total number of questions did all of you attempt? I did 37.
I don't remember.

Btw what was the answer for that instruction length question? 4 type of instructions.. length 2 byte.. Integers floating points  ...What was that question :/
Tried it for a minute or so and then skipped it.

results will be declared on 17th March.  it is better not to discuss ... Everyone did their best ... time to rest ... :P

Three prime implicants but there will be two essential prime implicants...
I did 38....1 question wrong already.....good to know the ESI answer is correct...most of 2 marks questions were looking like 5 marks questions as you get like in TIFR exam...great way to eliminate average people...
Guys what about cut off ????
Epi ques slightly confused me i answered 2 but i think i have made a big mistake
yes it was two essential prime implicants
forget about questions now....take some time off ....and get back to work if you want to crack bits,pgee,isi etc...
Yeah its time to take rest finally .....

one of programming question 240  jiska input tha shayd not sure, uska answer kya hai???

EPI answer was 3 I guess.

mene 5 mark kiya tha :/  240 wala

Yes I marked 5 too.

What about 1024,1024 Wala? I entered 10230
kaise banana tha??
Yes even I entered 10230 as answer. What about number of EPI's? Is it 3 or 2?
yes it was 10230
I counted don't care for EPI :'(
Thanks Hira for sharing that link. I answered it as 3 and was tensed when everyone here was saying that it was 2.
Yes height 4
Max no of min spanning trees 2 when x is 3

max no of spanning tree is 4 when x is 5
I got maximum number of spanning trees possible as 4.
i got 4 when x is 5
Page fault rate = X-M / D-M
singly link list

enq o(1)

deq O(n)
Won't both be O(1) .. we don't need to rearrange, right?
in deque operation tail pointer is given ... so we have to traverse till that then delete the node pointed by tail...i think:)so deq is O(n)
we need to set 2nd last node as null in delete so we have to traverse
apti mai kisi ka 2 lakh tha kya answer?
haan tha.
maine to jugaad se nikala tha isliye poochra tha

I think :-


Linkedlist with queue:- head and tail pointer both were given. So to follow the property of queue enque should be from start (where head pointer was a) andque from end (where tail pointer was) .

So I think both can be in Our(1).


Minm spanning tree when x=4 , bcoz it will give more choice. And due to this there will be 2 minm spanning tree.
I think x=5, because if  you take x = 4, then the edge adjacent to it which had weight 5 will never get chosen in an MST
I think x=4 bcoz when when we have same weight then choice will increased as per kruskal . There was three edge with 4 and of x=4 then we have 4 edges of same weight. There was an edge of 5 and  If x=5 then there will be two edges with edge with 5. So comparatively less choice for 5 and maxm no of mst can be obtained with weight 4.


It's my opinion dear.. it may be possible that u r ryt..
Linked list Insertion deletion O(1) and  insertion O(1)

MST _ 4

Guys are you all sure chromatic no will be 2 and not 3 ? pls reply !!!
Yar chromatic no mera 3 aaya h.. 2 to hona hi nai chahiye.. bcoz there were three adjacent edges Nd to color them atleast 3 color will be required..
mai to 4 lgake aaya
what is the ans for counter with D flip flops

#chromatic no :-

Bhai I am quite sure that it will not be 2. It will be more than 2.. and I got 3.  If I am not wrong Aisa hi tha kuch.. 

i dont remember the exact diagram but people are saying that from the middle if you start then may be the chromatic number will be 2 !!! :-( bad news for guys who marked 3... not sure
the graph is having odd length cycle, therefore graph can never have chromatic no.=2
Min heap is 80 chromatic is 3
If anyone have idea about figure of Minm spanning tree then plz provide .. that will help to make more clear ..
acha what will be hi hi bye bye option ? pls anyone !!!! anyone does remember the correct option pls reply!! and anymoreC questions... counter value print question... pls guys post more answers!!
For counter, i got 2 states
"hi bye hi bye"  Both the times it was only the formal addresses that were getting swapped .. not the data inside.

Second time data gets swapped
Answer should be hi bye bye hi
but it was a double pointer the second time .... in order to change the data we shoulld access it using double pointer, right? but they used single pointer.
str1 and str2 swapped
Thanks bro for the counter answer but i asked for C programming print count ,,, can anybody answer !!!

my answer for hi bye is wrong i answered option C :-(
hi bye bye hi, is correct, second time using double pointer actual(one that were inside main()) single pointer got swapped.
it was printing 1023*10 = 10230 times
oh  yes ... you're right
What was the option did you mark do you remember @joshi nitish? i f possible say !!!
that counter thing ... is that 4? I don't rmember
yes yes it has to be 4 or im dead :-P :-(

D flip-flop
2 states should be the answer

as state 00 on in=0 was staying on 00

and state 11 on in=1 was staying on 11

C program ans:-

(What I did )

1) 1023*10=10230

2) hi bye bye hi (bcoz second tym double pointer was there )

3) for loop wala


Hence count value will be =5

Bcoz for

40 1

20 -> 2

10-> 3

5-> 4

2-> 5

1-> Condn  false


Hence 5
what about "number of stages"?
In which que ?? No of stages..
Anyone remember that cylinder (Shortest seek time first)
I got 70. smthing

/* Swaps strings by swapping pointers */
void swap1(char **str1_ptr, char **str2_ptr)
char *temp = *str1_ptr;
*str1_ptr = *str2_ptr;
*str2_ptr = temp;

int main()
char str1 = "hi";
char str2 = "bye";
swap1(&str1, &str2);

printf("%s %s", str1, str2);
return 0;



is this the hi,bye string questions?
yes... from where did u get this?
I remebered.

But when I executed it on gcc and few online compiler it says Seg Fault.
No there were two fun .

And both of them having different parameters..
@manis r u sure bro counter value is 5 ?
Yes counter value is 5.
How did u get 70 @aswin
I think we're mixing two questions above..... the one with  2^40 is 5

There was another question with an increment of a variable counter .... right? Or am I imagining things?
I can't remember the exact values but I considered cylinder movements.

They have given 20mw for 100 movwmwnts so one will take 0.2 and then I calculated everything and added 15 whenever turned in opp direction
Bro .. if I am not wrong ..

It was 2^40 and in each loop of i it was decreased by I/2 and due to this every time j was increased .. so finally j=40

And there was a for loop with variable j where count value was increased by one every tym and loop was decreased by j/2.

Hence for j =40 it was giving count =5 ...
bro if i am not wrong the options were option a.4, b.5, c.6, d 40.... right? yes or no? anyone?
manis i donno what experts will say i did the same way u did and the answer came 5 !!!
Anyone remembered that matrix multiplication Q?

Answer to matrix question was F1F2 and F3F4?
Answer of max no of states in NFA and DFA.
i also got F1F2, F3F4
Ans I got :- (F1(F2(F3F4)F5)
According to que explicit multiplication that means direct multiplaction..
So (F3F4) will be answer...
I dont remember What I actually marked :(
Plz tell me ? Am I ryt or wrong ..
any one remember #include<stdio.h>

/* Swaps strings by swapping pointers */
void swap1(char **str1_ptr, char **str2_ptr)
char *temp = *str1_ptr;
*str1_ptr = *str2_ptr;
*str2_ptr = temp;

int main()
char str1 = "hi";
char str2 = "bye";
swap1(&str1, &str2);

printf("%s %s", str1, str2);
return 0;


in this question i  marked A option

am i right ??
no idea.
the question of co: type 1 ,2 3 ,4 instructions .. type 4 had 6 bit register and it was 16 bits ....??
answer is 5 i solved using recursion i got 5
i wrote hi bye bye high as there was no swapping in 1st call swapping in second call was there....

@  Pranav Madhani are you talking about the co question ?


i known this is the ans but i confirm the option i think i marked wrong option so please anyone one remember the option than tell me
For the Hi bye question correct option is B.
paper was between moderate to difficult according to me.
CO?? i am not getting.

Yes, I am kinda very sure that answer for that question was

"Hi Bye Hi bye"


For the verbal ability question's answers eas "Meandering"

And another answer for C Programming was, IMO

'0 ', 'c'

Because, it was clearly written printf("%c %c", ...) Which means whatever you give it, if will convert it to corresponding char.

Thus, not 0 c but '0' 'c' should be the answers.




did anyone notice one thing there was no as such good question from Algorithm rather i will say i didnot find any question from algorithm except that knapsack prob!!! same ignorance for algorithm like 2010 !!!
What was the answer for sequence no question
i wrote 29.89 ..... log 10^9 base 2
@asish are you confident the answer is not   O  C and it is for sure 'O' and 'C' ?
it's o,c not 'o','c'
any one remember producer consumer problem??
Looks like I'm the only one who screwed up in Aptitude :( could only attempt 4 out of 10 questions
Thank you :-)

cause i answered also O and C !!!

 ADITYA CHAURASIYA 5 I Think producer consumer  is D .. PLEASE TELL!!

i think it was full, empty,empty, full ..  don't remember

Pranav Madhani the computer organization prob...  4 types of instruction,...??

YUp i also marked full empty empty full
yes i also marked
YES it's  full, empty,empty, full  option D..
yes it was full empty empty full
was answer  of aptitude  question 3 : 2? if yes mine is wrong i did 2 : 1
i did it wrong in last moment !! but some how i managed to get 1:1 !!!
can u show solution how to do?
Yes it is 1:1
Que was :- guest are invited out of which 60% were male and 40% were female.

Total 80% of the guest invited were present in party and 100% female were present ?

Ratio(male/female ) ??

Let total =100

Attendance =80

Total female  present=40

Total male present =40

Hence ratio 1:1
Do they shuffle options as well ?
Operating system k instances question , 3 processes  .. is it 2 ?
Producer consumer problem :-

Empty =0 , full =N , muted =1

Producer :-




Consumer :-




Then what will be P,Q,R,S ?


Now what will be the correct solutions ?

And how ??
@gari I entered 2

oh thanks..  Warlock lord  ..:)

WHAT WAS Answer to that question dead lock safe or not and if not what has to be added in instance. 3 process given of which 3 instange of E and F were there and nothing was mentioned about G.

 Pranav Madhani it's in safe state.

THAt was safe state
also what was answer of aptitude question of area circle square something....
I already realized 2 or 4 mistakes. Good job me! Fuck


Everyone did some mistakes don’t worry! Now you cannot do anything
Circle question Πd/2
What about number of binary heaps? I think I got 16. Is that correct?
Anyone remember the answer of IPV4 next header, UDP portno. ,

I remember it was QTP something!!!

1. no of binary heaps =80.

2. the sequence in which interrupt is handled .. i thinks it's A
how in safe state? for G process was not available and already maxed it needed was 4 so?
i wrote C sequence no ack is 32 bit
Does anyone know these

1) Computer organization Type 4 , the no of instructions? is it 1024?

2) φ(7 variables are given )  tuple relation calculus ... is this answer that it cannot  have <=3 variables  (B)..MIN 4 variables .
@  Vasu Srivastava please dont get me wrong ... im no1 to control you but may be the administrators of this site like Arjun Sir or others does not like the "F" word here cause if one use others will also start.... hope you get my point !! if you please edit your comment and remove that word !!!
I also answered the interrupt sequence question's answer as A. I was confused between A and D.
Diameter = x√2 (diagonal of square of side 'd')

i.e d√2

Radius =(d√2)/2 = d/√2

Area =πr^2

= (πd^2)/2


I got it..this will be correct answer.. I think I have done it wrong..
It was pi.d/2
is this right answer? i did that only
side of square = (√d)
so it is not PI d anyhow? again wrong careless im :-)
what is right answer?

Ryt answer of area of circle 

Area of circle wala ? Waise kitne marks me tha ... 1 or 2..
Diag of square is under root(2d), not d under root 2. You did a mistake in using Pythagoras theorem. Correct answer is pi.d/2

i think ans should be 1/2 pi d

I think Pythagorus :- H2=L2+P2

Similarly :-

Diagonal =√(d^2 + d^2)

Yeah, my mistake. Sorry. I picked D as its answer, I am not sure if it is pi.d/2 or pi.d^2/2.
Okk so I think most of the que has been discussed.. so what will be the good attempt ?

No of que and marks ???
I think AIR 1 can't have more than 65 actual marks. So 50-60 marks should be the range for IITs(or maybe even IISc) this year. But that's just my opinion.
This year gate paper was easy but bit length que were asked... But length que were so easy that you can see it and answer it... For example dbms query que were extremely easy topic was joints left right ..

Programming que were moderately tought and one que on pointer was so confusing ( that "hi bye hi bye "one)

Maths que were length to evaluate and very conceptual base on graph theory and eigen values

TOC was cake walk..

CN bits of Ip mac and UDp header were asked and also wrap around que was asked with a bit of twist..I felt like who have done CN all the topics where well they were able to do it in a fraction of second ...

DL was very easy

COA moderatly tought I was surprised to see a que kway set associative and direct mapping concept in one que which I asked on gateoverflow as my test series doubt.. the que was very similar so thanx to GO

Thanx to GO ,Arjun suresh sir and team for making awesomely cool website it helped me aaaaalot...

How many questions u attempted ?
heap was like this


2 3

4 5 6 7

the first level node has to be the same

second level nodes can be arranged in 2! ways

3rd level nodes can be arranged in 4! ways = 24

hence total no of binary heaps should be 2*24 i.e. 48

many people are saying the answer is 70, what is wrong with this method?
your count does not include this:

2 5

3 4 6 7

woah ... thank god it had no negative marking ... thank you for clarification @severustux

did anyone solve this apti qn

q = ry p = qx ....

I tried applying log but didn't help 

It was only 24.
anyone remember this question of finite subset ,rational numbers,..countable set problrm ..?

p = qx

r = pz

q = ry

log(p) = x.log(q)

log(r) = z.log(p)

log(q) = y.log(r)

x.y.z = log(p)/log(q)  *  log(q)/log(r)  * log(r)/log(p) = 1

if they asked for the value of  x.y.z



@gari in that Question

only N -> {0,1} is uncountable others are countable.
the rational nos are countable(+ve and -ve )?
Subset sum problem :- maxm capacity =11


Ans we need to choose one element that too with maxm value.

So one item with weight 10 was being considered and then we need to calculate value -no of item
do you remember the question of lexical analyser, parser semantic analysis.. what was the answer?
type checking is done before parsing was the incorrect one. as type checking is done in semantic analysis

solution for knapsack problem

Vgreedy = 44

Voptimal = 60

answer = 60-44 = 16

anyone else got the same ans ?

what was the solution to first technical question?

TCP waala qn in which BW and SEQ NO was given ...

and for this qn too

fragment offset value was 144 right ?
There was a question on normalization

was it C where we had marks - > grades dependency?
the answer to that was 2nd schema ... it was in 3NF as 2nd dependency had a prime attribute in RHS but left one was just an attribute so it was definitely not in BCNF.
ohh.. nevermind -_-
Drawing out of memory




they’re their there

2 12 60 …

smalles no div by 7

pi d/2

green red faces




x y z


1 marks

1)chromatic no


3)sub groups

4)RISC control unit

5)TCP seg no

6)IP next header

7)type checking

8)deadlock process

9)NOR gate

10)digital no of states


12)r.e complement

13)eigen value


15# ofpage fault

16)post order



19(queue LL

20)generating function

21)full outer join

22)string pointer

23)slow start cwnd

24)DRAM refresh

25)ER model


2 marks

1)regular expression



4)unrestricted grammars

5)IP fragmentation



8)long int

9)bye hi hi bye

10)# of min heaps


12)graph 100!



15)matrix mult


17)eigen vector

18)cond. probability


20)safe state


22)# of inst.



25)lexical analysis

26)precedence associativity


28)Prime implicants


30)Fixed point representation
rameesh is going to get AIR 1
What was the answer for csma

I got distance = 75
when will the keys come..?
what marks will be the highest ..any guess ?
I want to bang my head on a wall so badly! I did some really really stupid mistakes, like where y'll are getting 10230.. I ended up getting 10240(didn't subtract -1 from function... *Face palm*) and whoever is getting height of tree as 4... I got 3.....

Not to mention 2-3 stupid mistakes in Apti now...

Plus, I forgot that Knapsack approach(lack of revision I suppose)

Better be careful next time....
You didn't read question carefully ... In question it was given that enqueue was at front i.e. start of ll while dequeue was at the rear I.e. end of linked list ... While that geeksforgeeks link did the exact opposite of this .... I.e. enqueue at end of ll ... And dequeue at start ... That's why as per gate question ... Complexities are O(1) and O(N)
Does anyone know the answer to the parsing question ???  They said match longest prefix ... So I marked option D ... T3T3 ...
Oh no buddy, you are forgetting the question, we had both Head and tail pointers.....

So we aren't supposed to traverse all the way to tail, as there's a pointer to the tail, hence both O(1)
Head ->1
Tail -> 6

After deleting 6 please tell me how will you make it point to 5 in O(1)
What was the answer of dfs bfs one
Hmm, okay! My bad....

Goodbye 1/3 marks
In this Question , I suppose ; Vopt were no of item taken by to get Optimal Weight (not Actual Optimal Weight) ; similarly VGreedy .

Solution : Vopt=1 Vgreedy = 2 Ans : -1

I have read question twice to see ; and previously I was also reducing the weights. Hope I am correct.


anyone remember this answer do comment !!!

not fair they should give marks to both -1 and 16

or else give options :/ Question dhyan se word to word padhte rahe ya solve bhi re :p
I marked B) I,II
right .. i marked the same :-)
Hey @goravkc or @ anyone what is the answer of superset in DBMS query? do u remeber? is it anyhow option d Q4 where it was full outer join?
It was D with Full outer join.
D is correct for superset
i marked 16 and not -1 ...i think they should give marks for both or we can appeal atleast !!!
WHat about that finding distance in csma cd?
I don't remember what the question was ... But if it is what he said and ans is -1 then they will not give any marks for 16 as not reading question properly is our mistake not theirs ... So you can't expect marks for that ...
3rd one is definitely not context free ... You can't represent a^nb^nc^n using pda ... As far as I remember answer to that was 1 and 2 ... Problem with ashish's solution is a's and b's are not being compared ... Their count should be same too ...
Vopt and Vgreedy were total values/profit that each algo could get. It is also indicated by the use of alphabet "V". I also read that question twice and I am quite sure its answer is 16. No offense to anyone!

yes we cant represent but check for full condition. we have to select such strings in in which m=n=p && p !=q. In such case we can push for m pop for n and do nothing for p specifically we have to make p more or less but not equal to q so in stack either p should be there or q  should be there.


option m=o and n = p what ever alternate comparision can be solved by linear bounded automata so thats not possible for sure.

i answered -1 for V optimal - V greedy

i dont remember exactly the ques but i read the ques twice . i may be wrong or may not
ek answer T3T3 lgaya maine lexical analyser Token wala
I think knapsack que was like ?

We have capacity given =11.


Item  weight value

1.         10.        60

 2.         8.          30

3.          4.          (Don't remember)

4.          2.         12

So we can include only first item to get more value that too within capacity.

And that value was V=60

Then they were asking no of item included =only one item


Finally they were asking diff between value and no of item included =60-1 =59 will be the answer.

Note :- data might be some change but concept was same what I have done here..
10 60

?  ?

4 20

2 24
Yea I think so. But the concept was  same I think . That they were asking the diff between value obtained and no of items included to obtained that..
@Manis I think the question was Vopt - Vgreedy.

Vopt - The total value taken if we follow optimal approach.

Vgreedy - The total value taken if we follow greedy approach. And i was getting 21 or 19 as answer.
@Harish Kumar.... Actually I don't remember exact que that what it was ?. But I think there was something tricky.. don't go with name.  Let them declare the que ?..
Yeah sure. Lets wait till they release question paper and official keys.
#Temperature, #Delhi, #Guwahati #Conditional Probability ??

What you guys got?
Argh... Chill guys, what's done is done, let's rest and chill with our buddies and enjoy the time, discussing stuff will bring unnecessary anxiety followed by depression, and whatever we have marked can't be changed, so it's better if we cut our selves some slack and enjoy the time until official answer keys have been declared... (Sic)
same here

sumit goyal 1

response sheet of gate-18 is available now... checkout guysss
ha ha ha :-D
you are too quick buddy!
Lol it got posted now... I commented it on the very same day when reponse sheet got released... But when I clicked on Add comment button it was showing it will reviewed and then be added... And after so long final my comment was added
This commet was posted by me on that day itself... But now its showing 3 hr ago... Feeling like I m on gov website
Wrote this above one on Tue feb 20 ... 9.40 pm ....:p.  In case it get posted late