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New Android app for GATE Overflow released. You can download from Play Store.

posted Aug 30, 2016 in Announcements by Veteran (348,773 points) | 1,570 views


@Vijay All Activity list as you would have noticed is just the last 40-50 questions. I guess you meant this for all question lists.

It is a good point, I'll see how to do.

Different color for different categories is easy- but selecting the color is not easy. Because so many colors would make the page look ugly :(
yes sir,activity log will be much helpful at the time to revision of each subject
@Arjun Sir Please add " Turn on notification" functionality for questions like there in FB which will be very helpful.Not just for the App but for website also
no app for windows users.... :-(
@arjun sir Lot of spammers in GO :(
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