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Hello friends..I don't know whether this is the right time to discuss these things or not.but I am feeling very disturbed and don't know with whom should share these things that's why posting here.

So here is my story.. I completed my engineering last year from a tier 2 college. From campus placements I don't know maybe I was lucky I got a decent package offer from a product based company.I don't know why I did that even after getting so many negative feedbacks for not accepting the job offer.I went on with my decision to reject the offer and prepare full time for gate.. without coaching.

So , I started preparing and prepared like a maniac, from 9:00 in morning to 2:30 night . I got a good grip over all subjects except mathematics.. I was all set for the judgement day but couldn't perform. and when went through solution of some question most of them being wrong according to scholars on this website. I attempted 51 questions but am getting only 45-50 marks which is going to fetch me >2000 rank.. So no hope from gate..

I dropped one year don't have good practical skills or projects , internships while in college. So bleak chances of making it to IIIT hyderabad or ISRO. as they require mainly experienced or students with good project work internships academics . where I lag terribly.

Now I don't know what to do next..I was so much dependent on gate that I messed up every other thing.

I don't have guts to drop 1 more year doing nothing sitting at home(surrounding pressure, Increasing year gaps etc.). I know this is not the right time to discuss these things but I am feeling very frustrated.. might lead to depression..I have no one to share my feelings with .. So I thought maybe ..

I can't even express my pain when I started I aimed for AIR 1..Maybe such expectations led to this condition of mine.

When I rejected the offer everybody was against me but I went ahead..listened to nobody..Now I am left deserted all alone with no options, broken dreams.. Don't know what to do next..Even after studying that hard like a maniac I am getting nowhere.

And for me it just proves sometimes hardwork doesn't pay off..

I request admin and moderator Not to delete this post ..I just wanted to share these things with someone..I am not forcing anyone to suggest anything or motivate me or guide me just wanted to let it out ..
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Forgot to mention, there are these "research associate", "project officer", "project technician" kind of jobs that keep coming up in IITs. For example recently in IIT Kharagpur, in these you will work for them for some months, and after that you will be absorbed for M Tech or MS program there.

Required skills include programming knowledge related to the project, and good academics.

You should search the departmental or main "careers" section of the concerned IIT.

You can also check out NITIE MBA program (I think the competition will be tough, and I have no knowledge about it), and FPM programs across top management institutes (paid, and probably less competition).

Thanks @lucifer_50 after reading your post, I came to know that I am not alone which is facing this condition. Every morning after waking up, my mind is filled up with the crowd of thoughts that -"What I can do next, What will be my future." etc, and by the end of the day no result came out. And this process again starts from the morning and so on. This is happening to me since 5th Feb.

Someone, please tell me that, I want to get into PSUs, with or without gate, but I have dropped 1 year and Don't want to drop for one more year. The only way which is in front of me is to join some college for MTech and continue my journey for GATE 2019. But I don't know, that whether I will get time to study for GATE in the first year or in the second year. Someone, here please guide me.

What is the rank required to get into PSU.

I am also going through the same thing bro, I left my job in a product based company and prepared for Gate 2018 Full time But now I am getting only 45 marks and I wake up every day thinking about the mistakes I did in those 3 hours and wish I hadn't done those mistakes.

Let's not waste thinking about those 3 hours which we cannot revive but let's start thinking about the 2 hours and 3 hours which are really going to matter and which can change our life.

There are exams like IIIT hyderabad and BITS which we can write so DON'T GIVE UP.

The rank required would be around 100.

The vacancies keep coming up for around 1 year, but there's no certainty.

Plus you should be ready to relocate ANYWHERE.

Keep yourself updated with Government job notifications.

Thanks @Newplayerr!!