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Has anybody successfully applied for ECIL.

what is the correct procedure?

I am unable to submit my application form.

please, comment. if anybody successfully applied.
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Yes my problem cleared..  Cheque requirements clearly
What should I do?

I had made payment by SBI Collect.
Try one more time..  Read the instructions carefully

Rajnish Kumar 1

After remitting the fees, the candidate has to enter the SB Collect Reference Number
in the column [field] provided in online Application column of “Journal number”,
Branch Code - “02714”, Branch Name - “ECIL”, Date of payment and Amount under
the “SBI payment details of Online / Offline field” and submit the application.


yes, it got resolved actually there is a problem with there interface. Earlier it was showing errors but after trying to upload the same images it had accepted.So I  suggest you to try to upload it again

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