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To All,

All the hard working aspirants who are preparing  for GATE/TIFR/UGC/ISRO,whenever you are Asking a question ,please

1.Give a correct Tag in the order of Subject ->Topic ->subtopic

2.Most important one for which i am posting this is ,if you are asking question from a particular(Standard book) then please do write the tag of the name of that book.It will be very much helpful for us.I think it would be best way to practice.For example if one wants to practice mathematical logic from Rosen.he only need to select tag "rosen" and "mathematic logic".

3.Editor too may put their effort to recatogerize the wrong tag.

Thank you and all the best !
posted Sep 24, 2016 in Preparation Advice by Boss (15,805 points) | 221 views
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