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Those are planning for IIIT H entrance examination, Kindly check the link given below.....

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The process has not yet started.
Will the Entrance test for IIITH M. tech. be conducted in Hyderabad only? As Isro exam is on next day i.e. 22 April, 2018 and I have opted Delhi centre for the same.

These are 2017 centers. The centers are there at top metro cities in India.

Application portal is now opened. There will be three preferences for centers. You can opt anything you want.
Hello, I have some questions regarding the Mtech Admission for IIIT Hydrabad.

1) I do have not any publications or papers, and i am a average student. Will i be able to get into IIIT hydrabad for Mtech.? I know there is no any criteria of published papers,( But they have mentioned on website that they highly motivate to working professional(R and D), who have done research etc.)

so  i have got this question.

2)Please if anyone have gave PGEE earlier please share experience of exam and interview.
I have appeared last year but did not clear the written exam....exam is much easier than gate questions but tougher than questions of private engg colleges like Vellore university,manipal or even JNU mtech entrance have to be really fast and negative marks but multiple options can be correct...first paper will have maths ,english and general programming or logic,paradoxes,..2 huge passsages with questions.If you dont clear first paper 2nd paper wont be evaluated.Also there is no way to know the cutoff as they dont announce your marks but looks like 60-70% above with full accuracy will be good enough....2nd paper is purely syllabus questions and pretty easy if you have prepared well for gate,just be accurate and fast.
anyone who wants to study full time have to clear their recruitment process...what I heard they even dont care much about your earlier accomplishments during interview process......if you are applying for part time program in mtech data science you can apply for direct interview for that I think 3+ years of working experience is required.
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