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I've seen the placement statistics, I just want to know personal opinions. Does anybody here plan to apply there this year? On the website it says in MNNIT there is a separate test for CSE.

Thanks for your time.
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bro where is it present that there is a seperate test for CSE in MNNIT ?
as far as I know there is no separate placements for mtech in most nits...all are together with btech only...and there you need to compete with high caliber students who aced JEE...
that u can never avoid in any college we have to compete with btech students
as far NIT for masters is concerned only good are south ones....others are all will get a namesake degree.....if that is the main aim then join some company and try for part time mtech/mba certificate courses in IITs or IIITH or IIMs you need 1-2 yrs work exprnc for that and an interview......only if you are passionate to continue till phd join NITs or any government college.(all the same)..After 2 years of again studying if you have to run for TCS or Wipro whats the point?
That's true except the top 3 nits I don't think it's worth joining anything else it's better to repeat but I wonder why the cutoffs of nits are more than few iits :/
Problem is seeing the standard of paper this year...what will happen if miss out again on the d-day?...I got some NITs like NIT sikkim and patna last year I did not join as I thought I prepared for gate too casually.....this year I am getting worse mark, I think I might get some northeast NIT in spot round....I have not completely made my decision to do research...If I do I will try the first government colleges in my neighbourhood...atleast I will not have to spend on hostel fees...many of my batchmates who have done btech from NITs have almost laughed at my decision to join these new NITs....Everyone has suggested to take loan and try foreign universities....

On this page it says for admission to M Tech Computer Science and M Tech Software engineering, there would be an additional test.

But, elsewhere there is no mention of it. If you go through CSE department and then on M Tech tab.

Maybe there won't be any test.

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