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Hello to all members of GO family.

I have already took one year drop for preparing GATE 2018 CSE. But I dont think that I am going to get good rank. Even though my preparation was good for the GATE but that day was not mine because of fear pressure.

Based on my performance please help me that what should I do next. I have no measuring tool to tell you guys what was my performance level, but lets take ME test series as measuring platform, I know that this is not the perfect platform to measure ones performance.

In ME test series I have secured rank under 100 some time and under 150 most of the time. This was my performance measure.

 It is my keen desire to get into PSUs or goverment sector. So based on my desire I can take following steps.

1) Preparing for gate along with Mtech. Which seems a tedious task.

2) Take one more year drop and prepare for gate again. According to me it is not at all good decision.

3) Leave the Engineering feild and start preparing for Govt exams.

Now these are the few options which are in front of me to get into PSUs or Govt department.

Please Help me to take this decision.
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Prepare for psu exams
I will suggest you to prepare with mtech.. and start from ryt now .. till June (mtech classes ) u will be able to cover all the topic again (as u have already done it one time ) . And after that prepare 3 hr daily that's it. In Dec u will be free from Ur semester exam and then after prepare one month very hard in January...


(It's my opinion, or what I am going to do )
I have gone through the procedure of PSUs and all last year, and I have been following government careers since then, so I might have answers to your questions.

First of all, check your rank and all through Pragy's app, only then can we have a solid base to make a roadmap.

Secondly, your second chance for a good job lies through BARC exam and ISRO, so prepare well from them.

Thirdly, this year I am seeing that there are lesser jobs through GATE CSE, so my guess is that you'll need around 70 rank to have sufficient chance in a PSU.

However, jobs notifications through GATE keep coming till around 1 year, so we can have some hope.

Don't waste an year AT ALL. Join M Tech, and keep trying as and when notifications pop up.

Also, many IITs keep recruiting technical officers and all, for which you can apply later, and they might even absorb you as an M Tech student later.

Thank you.
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