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Requesting those who taking GO Subjectwise Tests to please give feedback.
posted Oct 4, 2016 in Others by Veteran (348,773 points) | 549 views


Sir it is a good compilation of questions essential to crack gate.Thank You.
Arjun sir, Most of the questions are previous year GATE questions.

I would be nice, if some different variety of questions are there, some new concept questions, and if the gate questions are molded, like TIFR does every year
@Kapilp Was there any question same as prev GATE one? I had tried to remove any asked questions but may be I missed some. If you find any exact same question please tag me there.
Sir, OS test had many gate questions .
Oh. Whenever you find any duplicate or anything wrong in any question please tag me in a comment.
For DS-1 exam, it was good. while writing test,  was feeling like whole of that data structure book which has previous year Gate questions is revised with good concepts
Programming-1 exam, toughest paper among all paper till now. Some question needed extra attention on each option to get it correct. Overall best test series available in the market(Paid/Free).

Thank you, Arjun sir for your great help. : )
i think test is really testing the basics
@vijay Thanks to Bikram Ballav. If he had not given questions tests were never going to happen. But programming test was made really tough by me :) Was surprised to see good marks. Even 10+ for that test is reasonable. Once the books are released remaining tests shall be made.
Thank you @Bikram Ballav Sir, for providing us great quality materials and questions. You all have become our inspiration.  We appreciate your all selfless work.  : )
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