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After watching the response sheet and comparing my answers with the various answers which have been posted on the GO site and after a lot of grudging that How in the World could I have made this mistake, I was finally able to roughly estimate my marks and they were around 53. So now looking at previous year marks and ranks and looking at the level and discussion about this year's paper I am highly confused as to what should be my next step as I would prefer M.Tech from one of the old IITs or 1 or 2 of the new IITs. So asking the GO family whether I should start looking for a job(as I had left my job to prepare for GATE) and prepare for GATE along with it or should I wait for the result as there is any chance that I could get into my preferred IITs.
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You are not alone mate. Wait for just 3-4 more days; once you get the rank estimate you will get pretty good idea about which institute you are going to get, then you can decide about future.

Plus 53 seems good enough to get interview calls from many IITs for MTech in Research - 3 Year (MS).
Regarding 2 year M.Tech. you might still have high probability of getting in IIT Ropar, IIT Gandhinagar. Good companies come for placements in all IITs. They shortlist on basis of GATE and have their own Test/Interview. So better stay calm for few more days and maybe study in the meanwhile for interviews.
Don't give up .. prepare for interviews
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