For all exams select “GATE Overflow Tests ­ Subjectwise” from
Exams will be live on Wednesdays every week from now on. 

  1. Discrete Mathematics + Probability + Graph Theory + Engineering Mathematics ­
  2. Operating Systems ­ From 15/09/2016
  3. Digital Logic ­ From 22/09/2016
  4. Aptitude ­ From 29/09/2016
  5. Algorithms ­ From 07/10/2016
  6. Data Structures ­ From 12/10/2016
  7. Programming ­ From 21/10/2016
  8. Theory of Computation ­ From 16/11/2016
  9. CO & Architecture ­ From 16/11/2016
  10. Compilers ­ From 16/11/2016
  11. Databases ­ From 16/11/2016
  12. Computer Networks ­ From 23/11/2016

Why you must do these exams? 


  1. All the questions are mostly taken from the most common areas of GATE syllabus from respective subjects. Also tricky ones and most common mistakes are given importance in question paper creation.
  2. These questions are meant to evaluate your preparation and not to be used for preparing.
  3. You are going to get your rank and subject wise and overall rankings among all aspirants.  
  4. Your weak areas shall be known to you ahead and subject wise relative performance will also be published on the site soon.
  5. The order of the subjects is mostly in line with the one given in​  and is one of the recommended preparation schedule. (I’m daily seeing many people doing TOC without ever having seen Discrete Mathematics)  
  6. Some more features based on your result will be live soon.  
  7. And of course it is free.  
  8. If you do not have time and first want to do previous GATE questions ­ yes, you should first do that and only do these tests after that. Previous GATE questions are more important especially for final year students. These tests are more for those having enough time.
  9. Why we care to do this test ­ We are sick of aspirants asking irrelevant and bad questions from test series, especially ACE exams last year. So, doing a test series is actually time saving for us and you. And personally because I love statistics and Bikram Ballav had provided questions. 
  10. There won’t be a live discussion for any subject like last year. Instead a Reference PDF will be made available soon. It ​ will be useful only to those following standard books​ .  
  11. By Nov. end, your GATE preparation should end and you should be knowing your rank to be in top 100. 

If you are a final year student do not worry even if you score less compared to others. About 50% scoring is good enough. Those who knows about GATE are expected to score 80% or more in mock tests but in actual GATE they won't be getting such an advantage.

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@arjun sir will the GO tests be closed by Nov 26 ?
I was actually planning to take it in middle of Nov .
Tests shall be there even afterwards. Not sure of rankings or other stats.
Hell,@Arjun SirAre questions taken from previous year GATE ?
Some questions in OS and Digital were from previous GATE - I did not know that and saw these later only and hence did not change. For other exams none were from previous GATE.