The Gateway to Computer Science Excellence

1. Start with Discrete Mathematics.

Most of us underestimate this subject and that is the very first mistake we make while preparing for GATE. If you get a good hold at this subject you will be able to imagine most of the confusing problems in computer science world. If you are a machine learning/AI enthusiastic , you are going to love Prepositions and Logic.  Understanding sets/relations will make your life easier when you start talking about ER tables in DBMS and many topics in other subjects. Graphs are the crux of computer science world , befriend them.

Solve exercises of standard books + previous years. No point solving your coaching material , a bad question can corrupt your knowledge. Read Reliable, Share Reliable.

2. Programming and DSA

Topics like recursion, pointers etc often confuse one in the beginning. The best way is to CODE every algorithm you encounter while studying DSA.  Implementing linked lists on your own will make you understand pointers very well and recursion will not leave you until the end of the algorithm course. It might sound foolish to code , but trust me, the problems will not look scary afterwards. There are no shortcuts to conquer these subjects.

Solve exercises of standard books + previous years.

3. Digital Logic before Computer Architecture.

Do not jump to COA directly. Master digital logic and then move on to COA. Be very sure that you are reading reliable stuff when it comes to COA. Not doing that will frustrate you,atleast in pipelining concept.

Solve exercises of standard books( can skip this for DL) + previous years.

( COA is a system subject , mugging up formulas will surely gift you negative marks )

4. TOC before Compiler Design

Try to make DFAs/PDAs/TMs when you are solving a problem. Do not be overconfident and come to conclusion directly without even using a pen. Do not skip Undecidability part , you can find good resources on itself to master this topic. Make sure you know why are we eliminating left recursions ,  using bottom parsers instead of just mugging up how the DFA of the parsers work. Read dragon book to make this subject look interesting.

Solve exercises of standard books + previous years.

5. OS , DBMS , CN

I personally believe ,these are scoring subjects. A good hold of COA can make your life better while studying OS. Spend some time understanding normalizations instead of just mugging them up. Some formula's will definitely help you in Computer Networks. 


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Thanks bro I have failed a lot of people since past two years studying for Gate cs along woth job getting around 2-4k ranks but next year GATE CS 2019 top 100 rank final attempt with little job and above strategy ,it will also be helpful for BARC and IIITH thanks bro
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