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Hello @ Arjun sir and  Praveen Sir

I'm final year student at Tier-3 college

In GATE 2018 I did not perform well and my marks are 19.67 because of lots of silly mistakes.

can I drop the year and prepare for GATE 2019.

please suggest me, sir,

How to prepare for GATE 2019??
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Just a thought

There is no as such

if (this happens == true)

then {do this}

It depends upon a lot of conditions. Moreover, you are 21 or above. Mature enough to take your own decisions. Do it !

If you fail, nice, you got to learn some other things like what's good in you and what were the reasons you were not able to do it. Learn from it. Move on

If you succeed, awesome! Get ready for next challenge.

No matter what, there is always 50-50 chance of winning and losing irrespective of you failed or succeeded in previous one.

The decisions you take will always have effect on you in a good way or bad way. Either way, it is always beneficial, provided you have correct perspective towards it :-)
i think its better try preparing with some back up next time because try getting a job first and then give it a try there are people who are giving it 3  to 4 attempts this year I saw a person with his 6th attempt so u need to develop conceptually and it takes time with this competition we cant guess what can happen at any time u should either be on TOP or have reservation(no offence but that's true)  and I think it takes some experience and some defeats to become an expert of such kind unless we are a genius but as @gauravkc bro said there is no fixed rule for this so ultimately decision is based on your hands but what i think is if u are not good at concept then dont take a full time drop but if u are good at concepts take it with a job all the best :)
@Arjun sir

please answer me sir
if you want to take drop then prepare a plan and work might feel bored,exhausted,demotivated .......also there is no end to this kind of preparation....but if you just fresher you can take up a job as initially there is hardly any pressure in mnc...just you need to manage your time well,take leaves properly thats it....I had to give up job because I was overburdened with work....but even I think it will not pay off.
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