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So, has direct admission for Masters in CSE been stopped at IISc? The website says so, but in college predictor it says IISc direct admission.

Is there a difference between ME and M Tech in IISc? If yes, then in what ways?
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Where it says so? Can you give the exact link?
I got it wrong, the source of my confusion was this page :

I saw the interview dates for Computing and Data Science.

They give direct admission. As evident from this page :|ffs-tabbed-32

Mr Arjun, what would be the level of research in the M Tech program?
I intend to go there for placements, rank 71 previous year.

I don't want to do a lot of mind-boggling quality research.

Just be good in exams, regular study, pass the semesters, get a job kind of pattern
And people like me with trash rank want to do research. (Facepalm)

Don't compare knowledge with rank. Those are only (my opinion) partially overlapping sets.

But I think sound mathematical basics are very necessary. If maths hasn't bothered you since school days, march ahead.

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