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Those scoring above 50 marks in GATE and interested to appear for IIT Research Interviews can fill this form if you feel any guidance is required. A select group of people shall be given guidance by some seniors.

posted Feb 16 in Preparation Advice by Veteran (348,745 points) | 2,751 views


For research a good guide and good environment is enough. Though in IISc there are more good facilities most old IITs are not far behind.  Even in IISc for course work specialization starts only by second year. So plenty of time to decide that. Currently ML makes sense due to high demand and high pay. But if one doesn't like, never think of going for it.
About 140 people filled the sheet and 130 are for ML and only 3-4 for theory. I'll update them in another few days.
ok sir.
@Arjun Sir, updates?
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